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On a more cheerful note...

How freaking cute is this stuff? Lori by Our Generation's mini "gourmet food" set. It's perfect for the mini kitchen I'm designing for mini Grace and company. For now, it's in the camper:

The little sushi and foundue sets are just killing me with the cute. There is also a baker's set which I have ordered. It has an adorable little stand mixer.



It's pretty much a unanimous decision in the family to leave our church. We like the new pastors less and less each week. I didn't even go today. Granted, I've been sick all weekend, but I don't know how much longer I can stand going anyway. I don't know how we're going to break the news to the choir director that he's losing me and my dad. We're going to the Episcopal Church every other week to try it out. Still have to go to our regular church because of activities we're signed up for...at least until we're ready to transfer membership. It breaks my heart. I've gone to that church for half of my life now. But the changes this summer have been too radical. It's not a Methodist Church anymore. And the sad thing is, a lot of the members seem to like the changes. I feel like we're being driven away.


She's here! I love her already.

I love her extra hairpiece! I can't wait to see the rest of her collection. She might end up being my favorite American Girl!


Go home, 2016, you're drunk.

Another bit from my childhood (and the fandom world) is gone. Kenny Baker, the little person behind R2D2 of Star Wars, as well as Fidget from Time Bandits, has died at age 83.

Is it bad that my first thought on hearing the news was the Supreme Being from Time Bandtis saying (about Fidget): "Dead? No excuse for laying off work."? I'm going to hell. :p


Birthday treats!

We went to Capt. Billy's for lunch.

My friend Randi on Facebook posted this:


Presents! Funko Doctor Strange and Black Panther, Uhura Barbie!

Just in time for my birthday, the sunflowers opened up!


I'm with them.

I watched every night of the Democratic National Convention. I loved all of the speeches, especially Michelle Obama's and Tim Kaine's, and of course, President Obama and Hillary herself. I'm so proud to be from Virginia right now, now that Kaine is the nominee for Vice President.


More additions to the "family"...

Two new Funko Pops, Captain Marvel and She-Hulk!

And Ruthie has joined the crowd of American Girls!

I don't normally make four seperate entries in one day, but I was behind in updating, and none of the entries fit together. :p


Sad news from my alma mater.

Mr. Sutherland, an agriculture professor who was among dozens of Westerners kidnapped by Islamic militants in Beirut in the 1980s, was released in 1991.

I remember the day he was released. I was a junior at Colorado State, and everyone in my dorm was huddled around the lounge T.V. (this was before the internet was public). The yellow ribbons that had been on trees all across Fort Collins all came down. We had a huge celebration for his homecoming at Moby Arena. It was amazing. RIP, Professor Sutherland.

More garden photos.

The last of the lilies have come and gone. There were only a few Stargazer lilies, but they were gorgeous!

The zenias and cleomes are coming up, too.


Another day with the family...

Paul's birthday was Friday, so we all went down to Richmond for lunch. We had his cake at Sam's new apartment.

It's a nice place. Truman the cat seems happy there!

Didn't go up to Tyson's Corner. It's been too hot and traffic has been terrible this week. I might go in the fall. Mom already bought gift cards for me to use online.

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