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Well, shit.

An EgyptAir A320 is missing in the Mediterranean Sea, just ten miles from Egyptian airspace. No distress call, no word in three hours. Does not look good for the 66 passengers and crew. :( I hope they find something soon.

ETA (many hours later): Wreckage found, U.S. Intelligence says strong evidence of explosion. So likely terrorism, unless it's some freak accident like TWA 800. Meanwhile Donald Trump is screaming on Twitter about TEH MUSLIMS DID IT. Jesus fucking Christ, let the investigators do their jobs.



ABC has cancelled Agent Carter. Well, that's the last network show I was watching...This means no more Peggy and Jarvis anywhere, most likely.

I saw Captain America: Civil War last Friday and it was awesome. I'll post more about it later, but right now I am in mourning! :(


Getting ready for Civil War!

Got this cutie from Build-A-Bear Workshop:

And this t-shirt from Funko:

I also have Captain America nail polish and decals coming. Team Cap all the way!

The movie opens in less than two weeks. The early word is that it's the best Marvel film to date. I can't wait! I missed out on Deadpool.


2016 can fuck right off.

Prince is dead. Un-fucking-believable. Purple Rain is still one of my favorite albums (never cared for the movie, though).

David Bowie and Prince gone in the same year. Bad times for music.


A few Williamsburg photos...

I had a nice little trip over the weekend. Mom and Dad and I went to meet Aunt Pauletta and Uncle Brad. We did some shopping at the local outlet mall (found an incredible deal on a gorgeous new purse at the Fossil store!), did a brief tour of the town (didn't have a lot of time), and had lunch at the Trellis restaurant.

A few favorite photos:

I had two little stowaways- Mini Felicity and Elizabeth wanted to see Williamsburg!

There was a lovely farm with reproduction/restored buildings (like most of Williamsburg) and costumed workers.

A very loud rooster!

The Peyton Randolph House.

An open-air market.

My cute little souvenirs!

We bought season passes, so we'll go back a few times before the end of 2016. It's impossible to do Williamsburg in one day.


Jury duty!

Had to actually go to the courthouse, where I sat in the jury assembly room with about thirty other potential jurors. And we sat. And sat. For two hours. Finally, the judge came into the room only to tell us that the trial was off because there weren't enough witnesses. That was a morning well spent! LOL. At least I got thirty bucks out of it. I have to call back next week and the week after for two more jury panels. Hopefully they'll be called off before I have to show up.

The Stafford County Government Center is nice, though. Most of it is new. This British phone box was a gift from our sister city, Stafford, England. The two Staffords became sister cities in the 1990s, and the box has been here ever since.

More signs of spring!

First tulip!

More are popping up. The daffodils have kind of exploded everywhere, too! I'll have to take more photos soon. It's supposed to get cold this weekend. Hopefully that will be the last cold snap of the year!

I'm working on a mini garden shed for the Shelf Avengers. It's almost done:

There's also a gazebo and bench. Hawkeye and Black Widow like it.

Easter photos!

First, my cake!

More under the cut.

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Oh, yeah. Just what the world needed.

There was another fucking terrorist attack yesterday, this time in Brussels. At least 31 dead and 200+ injured. This is never going to end.

And of course, asshole candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump want to use the tragedy to promote their hatred of Muslims. Fortunately, they're being called out on it, by other Republicans, no less.

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