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I am going to miss this book.

Black Knight #4 picks up where #3 left off- Dane is locked up and Steve Rogers has the Ebony Blade. But Dane's people aren't going to let that go quietly- they find the previous king's secret portal where they get tons of Earth guns. Fortunately, a compromise is worked out before it gets bloody. The Uncanny Avengers take the Blade, but Dane gets to stay with his kingdom, because as the historian, Rebecca, points out, the Blade is the "bad guy" and without it, Dane is all good. Dane is not happy. He is convinced that Steve is already becoming possessed by the Blade himself. He may not be wrong...

I liked this issue. It goes a little deeper into why the people of New Avalon love Dane- he's the best leader they've ever had, and he isn't evil like the family that ruled before. I loved seeing how eager they were to defend him.

The beginning conversation Dane has with Sir Percy bugged me. In the past, Percy has always tried to help Dane get away from the Blade, and all of the sudden, he's encouraging him to kill? Percy has never behaved this way, which makes me think this is NOT Percy's ghost, and that this is somehow connected to the Blade becoming stronger and more controlling of its wielder. He pretty much vanished when Steve started using the Blade himself.

There's a nice back and forth between Dane and Rebecca, who really does want to help him (while also getting material for her next book, no doubt!).

I would not be surprised if in the future, these two are paired off. A "Florence Nightengale Effect" if you will. ;) Too bad the series is ending after #5. I'd love to see them rule New Avalon together. Of course, with Dane's notoriously bad luck with women, it probably would crash and burn. And we still don't know what happened between him and Faiza Hussein.

As usual, there's humor from Deadpool. I can't believe no one has ever made a Monty Python and the Holy Grail reference before now!

Poor Dane is left absolutely shattered at the end, as the Avengers leave with the Blade in Steve's hand. Rebecca stays behind to help him with the inevitable withdrawal he faces. Dane pleads with Steve one last time that only he can wield the Blade.

The original cover for #5 has him still in chains and clearly suffering. The alternate cover for #5 hints that Dane was right and Steve is now possessed by the Blade:

As for Dane's future, it's already been hinted at (by Marvel editors, as well as clues from other comics' future covers) that he will return to Earth and possibly rejoin the Avengers. Of course, there will be a lot of explaining to do about how he got back and if he's actually okay now. I hope that's true, because I hate that this series was cancelled so quickly. And I really don't want to see Dane get mothballed again.

Speaking of cancellations, it looks like Agent Carter won't get a third season. I figured that would happen, but it still sucks.

I have a new favorite insult...

...thanks to Agent Carter. "You arrogant plonker." I love this show. I love the characters, the costumes, the music. This is one of the few occasions that I don't mind that the character is so different on screen than in the comics (Peggy was American in the comics and wasn't anywhere near as badass). I love Peggy and Jarvis being badass together. I wish the show was being watched by more people. I hope it gets a third season.

Good day today- excellent episode of Agent Carter, and a new issue of Black Knight coming to me late tonight. Sadly it's the second to last issue. I'm still bitter that it was cancelled so soon.

More swing progress.

I re-did the doll swing with ivy and tiny flowers.

It's so cute, but I have no idea how to decorate the rest of the shed. Ivy on the outside would be overkill, but I'll use that for the tea room. I looked for tiny butterflies, but there was only life size in the store.

I got another cute outfit/accessory set at A.C. Moore- this time, Emma Lousie gets to be a baker!

Finally, I have the limited edition mini Samantha:

I'm being good and only getting one per month now. I'll get Julie in March, Addy in April, Kit in May, and Josefina in June.



Super Bowl 50 is done- Broncos beat the Panthers 24-10!

Funniest Tweet about the game:

I'm a very happy Broncos fan tonight!

Another little room.

I wasn't planning to buy another terrarium, but Michaels had a sale. And this one is cute and needs no alterations!

My first thought was "this would be a cute garden potting shed".

And it's cute but a bit cluttered. So I built a little swing!

I'm going to add flowering vines to the ropes. Actually, I may have to re-do the seat- it's hard to keep the doll on it. But it's adorable! And putting it together was cheap. No more than $20- with the sale and coupon, the terrarium was $18, and the supplies I had on hand would have been about $2!

Also, while I was looking for parts for the swing, I found some of my old dollhouse furniture! It's perfect for mini Rebecca. Big Rebecca's old collection had a similar sofa (not blue, though). I'll have to get a little menorah for the table. This is definitely going to be Rebecca's set!


It's official.

Black Knight is cancelled after #5. At least the story arc will be finished. I hope he pops up in an Avengers title sometime soon. It really sucks. I was enjoying the story.


Some more snow fun...

Well, maybe not because most of it's melted. But Emma Louise has a new winter outfit!

The Target Our Generation outfits are a nice, inexpensive alternative to American Girl stuff.

Almost back to normal here. Roads are clear, and I've been out shopping and whatever else needed doing. I went to choir practice for the first time since Christmas Eve. I can't believe Ash Wednesday is only two weeks away!



Broncos beat the Patriots, 20-18! They're going to the Super Bowl!

One more thing...

AFC Championship game is on right now. So far it's the Broncos 7, Patriots 6. GO BRONCOS. I'd love to see them in Superbowl 50! Yeah, they'll lose to the Carolina Panthers, but I can live with that.

Snowzilla 2016!

It was like Narnia out there. The storm is finally over, and we got about two feet of snow. It's already starting to melt, and some kind soul plowed all the driveways in my neighborhood (city already did the streets). So I can get out tomorrow! Church was closed today. No services, no rehearsals. As if anyone was going to show up anyway!

Fredericksburg got lucky. No major power outages, one roof collapse (no one injured). My lights didn't even flicker.

We did have blizzard conditions, but the wind wasn't too bad.

Once it was over, I had a little bit of fun with my mini dolls. Grace and Saige went sledding, built snowmen, and made snow angels.

Well, they tried!

The birds and a neighbor's dog made their mark on the snow:

It wasn't the worst snowstorm I've been through (having lived in South Dakota, I know bad blizzards!), it was just a lot of snow and wind. D.C. got it pretty bad. New York looked awful. And I have to remind myself that it's only January...but at least the first snow will melt before the next storm hits.

Rory did not like the snow. He looked out the window and glared at it. He thought we were being attacked! Silly kitty.


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