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Headed to dreamwidth.

Still mollybarton over there. Closing this account soon. Just need a change.



That is all. Happy New Year, and may 2017 be better for us all.

One good thing- new Sherlock tomorrow!

Good things to end 2016 with...

I finally had that "Advent calendar lunch" with Katie, and we did some shopping. She also gave me an extra present, a cute nightshirt. Also, I found an app that lets me put my itunes stuff on my phone. And finally, I learned that one of my favorite nail polishes (Deborah Lippmann's Whatever Lola Wants) is still available, and a new bottle is on its way to me! Unfortunately, my favorite, 99 Luftballons, is discontinued. :(

And this cute little guy arrived- the Black Knight from Minimates. Usually, I think they're ugly figures, but BK isn't.

Oh, no!

And now Debbie Reynolds has apparently had a stroke. She's had a couple in recent years, and the stress of losing Carrie can't be good for her. This is horrible news. Poor Billie.

ETA: Debbie is gone, too. I can't imagine what Billie is going through. Losing her mother and grandmother in two days...that's just horrible.


Happy Hanukkah!

I love Rebecca's set!


May the Force be with her. Always.

Rest in peace, Carrie Fisher. You'll always be our Princess. :(

I may have to watch When Harry Met Sally or the 'Burbs, two of my favorite non-Star Wars films of hers.

2016, please go away.

I was hoping this photo would be reposted with the news that she would be okay. :(

She was a wonderfully witty human being. She was so much more than Star Wars.


On the second day of Christmas...

2016 gave to me...a very dead ipod. I've tried all the restart, restore options. No dice. RIP, Judi's ipod, 2009-2016. You had a great run. Luckily, everything is backed up on my computer. I'll have to wait a while to get a new player.

Christmas 2016.

Christmas Eve was definitely my last at my soon to be former church. It was not a good service, despite good music from the choir. I HATE the way our new pastors do things. The scriptures were from a "modern" type Bible, communion was rushed and confused, and the sermon was trite and meaningless. I got a much better experience at St. Paul's Christmas Day service this morning.

We had a lovely Christmas Eve luncheon in Richmond- Mom, Dad, me, Katie, Sam, and Sam's girlfriend, Janice. It was an excellent seafood place called Boathouse. Great food and a nice if foggy view of downtown Richmond.

Great company, too. Janice is nice, and was a big help to Sam during Paul's last week. I think she's a keeper. ;) Sam has dyed his hair very very blond...

We had presents and dessert at Sam's, and the rest of the presents opened either at Mom and Dad's or Katie's.

Sam's tree.

Christmas cake- it was a "cannoli" cake: white cake, cannoli-like filling, ganache frosting, candied orange garnish. It was wonderful.

Truman the cat was very interested in the cake crumbs.

Great presents this year- cute pajamas, Michaels gift card, a gorgeous cat art print, chocolate, and the Star Trek Beyond Blu-ray from Katie and Sam; two beautiful dresses, a bottle of Dolce perfume, a cookie baking book, a Paris-themed comforter set, and American Girl Rebecca, with her Hanukkah dress and accesories!

Rory got new toys.

Beautiful roses given to the choir members by our director:

Christmas dinner was just me, Katie, Mom, and Dad. We had a nice, simple but elegant dinner. Unfortunately Katie and I are both sick. It was also kind of weird. It's our first Christmas without Paul, and we got through it.

I'm spending the last of Christmas Day watching the Broncos get their asses kicked by the Chiefs. :( What happened to the Super Bowl 50 champs?

Also, I'm listening to various Wham! and George Michael songs. I can't believe he died today.

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