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Spoiled dollies, part 2.

I finally caved and bought the little coffee shop playset from Barnes and Noble. It is just perfect. And it was 40% off!

Nice detail, and very sturdy. Good quality for the price (originally $40).

I'm going to look for mini Christmas goodies to add when I decorate for the holidays!

Two mini OG dolls begged me to bring them home when I was at Target Friday. :p Mini versions of their May Lee and Haven dolls. I think the minis are cuter than the big dolls. And they can trade clothes with the mini AGs!


Spoiled dollies.

New holiday clothes for Maryellen and Melody, Samantha's new meet outfit, and outfits for Emma Louise and Jess. Everything came from the AG store except Jess's outfit (from Michaels).

If my Barnes and Noble has the Wellie Wishers in stock, I might pick one up tomorrow.


Good things.

Redskins, Broncos, and the Nationals won today. The Nationals are the NL East Champs again, and are in the playoffs!

Dad and I took Mom to BWI Airport for her flight to Louisville. She's staying with Aunt Pauletta for a week. Originally, I was going to go, too, but she decided she wanted to go alone.

Bon Voyage! I love watching planes take off and land.

After her flight left, Dad and I went to Tysons Corner to shop. I had a lot of fun at American Girl Place! I loved the displays.

I was planning to buy Maryellen's Christmas Cookie set, but I didn't see it until I'd already checked out. I did get her holiday party outfit, Samantha's Be Forever Meet dress, a doll T-shirt, and the special Purchase with Purchase outfit. I'll post the photos tomorrow. I also have Melody's Christmas dress on the way.

I was tempted to get one of the Wellie Wishers, but decided to hold off. I can get them at Toys R Us.

We spilt a pizza at California Pizza Kitchen, and did some shopping for Mom's birthday. I haven't been to Lord and Taylor or Bloomingdale's in ages. Didn't buy anything, but loved looking at the displays, like this one for Louis Vuitton.

Yep, I'm old AF.

The PBS animated show Arthur turns 20 this fall. Sam was five when it first aired. He loved it so much. He was Arthur for Halloween one year, and he played that damn CD over and over...(CAUSE I WAS JEKYLL JEKYLL HYDE JEKYLL HYDE HYDE JEKYLL!)

I'm old enough to remember the original Arthur books by Marc Brown...the ones from the 70s. When Arthur actually looked like an aardvark. LOL!

Cute show, but the last few years have sucked. And many a childhood has been ruined by the Arthur internet memes...

Some are hilarious. Some are gross.

Then there are the out-of context screen shots...

Um, ew. I think that was a Baby Kate episode.

Who knew a kid's show could be turned into something so dirty? ROTFLMAO.


Dad's birthday is tomorrow, but we had dinner at Katie's tonight. I tried a new cake from a book I got for my birthday:

It's called a London Fog cake. It's a chocolate cake with Earl Grey tea buttercream and a salted caramel topping. It was delicious and insanely rich. I made real, Swiss-style buttercream for the first time. It's so complicated but so worth it!

New outfit for Maryellen! Cute pajamas with a little doll to match.

Cutest things...

The Our Generation It Seams Perfect sewing set. I've searched for it for a year, and my Target finally had it!

It's a great set with good detail. The pattern is real, and there is enough of the fabric to make a little dress! Of course, the machine doesn't really sew. :p


15 years since the attack on America.

I can't believe it's been that long. It really does seem like yesterday. There really isn't anything to say that hasn't been said every year since.



Mom's accidental pumpkin patch. A pumpkin was tossed into the woods last winter, and when the trees were cut down, the seeds scattered and grew and kept growing! There are several pumpkins on the vines.

I hope they're ready before we get a killing frost.

Also, I'm working on a little kitchen for mini Grace. The furniture came today. I've put everything in a temporary box display, but it's too small for all of the furniture. There's also a table with four chairs that was made just for the mini dolls, and I'm going to get a baker's rack, too.

The table will be painted white. The chairs are exactly right for the dolls, but they really can't all sit at the table at once because their legs get in the way!

Beginning to look a lot like Halloween! :p

I found a great kit at Michaels, and put it together with some additional pieces I bought or already had. It's adorable and a bit spooky.

An ornament made with a pendant I didn't know what to do with, and mini bottles made with leftover labels from the kit and glitter.

I have other things I'm working on. Boo!

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