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I'm with them.

I watched every night of the Democratic National Convention. I loved all of the speeches, especially Michelle Obama's and Tim Kaine's, and of course, President Obama and Hillary herself. I'm so proud to be from Virginia right now, now that Kaine is the nominee for Vice President.


More additions to the "family"...

Two new Funko Pops, Captain Marvel and She-Hulk!

And Ruthie has joined the crowd of American Girls!

I don't normally make four seperate entries in one day, but I was behind in updating, and none of the entries fit together. :p


Sad news from my alma mater.

Mr. Sutherland, an agriculture professor who was among dozens of Westerners kidnapped by Islamic militants in Beirut in the 1980s, was released in 1991.

I remember the day he was released. I was a junior at Colorado State, and everyone in my dorm was huddled around the lounge T.V. (this was before the internet was public). The yellow ribbons that had been on trees all across Fort Collins all came down. We had a huge celebration for his homecoming at Moby Arena. It was amazing. RIP, Professor Sutherland.

More garden photos.

The last of the lilies have come and gone. There were only a few Stargazer lilies, but they were gorgeous!

The zenias and cleomes are coming up, too.


Another day with the family...

Paul's birthday was Friday, so we all went down to Richmond for lunch. We had his cake at Sam's new apartment.

It's a nice place. Truman the cat seems happy there!

Didn't go up to Tyson's Corner. It's been too hot and traffic has been terrible this week. I might go in the fall. Mom already bought gift cards for me to use online.

In less pleasant news...

After 21 years, my family is going to be looking for a new church. We don't like the new pastors. That's putting it mildly. My mother actually dreads going to church now. The lead pastor is one of those "look at me" mega church types. The services don't follow the lectionary, the communion service has been shortened, and they leave out the creed and Lord's Prayer. And the music program is likely going to be decimated (except, of course, for the crap praise service). They don't want to hire a replacement youth/children/bells director, and so far they refuse to listen to the Sanctuary Choir director/organist's suggestions. I feel sick. I'm not the only one who feels this way. Already I'm hearing grumbles from long time members about the direction of the services. It's church lite and I HATE IT. I don't want a dumbed-down church.

I hate the idea of abandoning the choir, but it looks like only the praise team is going to be left alone. I'm scared that our director is going to be let go. These new guys really don't like tradition. For three weeks, I've felt like I haven't been to church. I feel absolutely empty. My grandfather (the preacher) would flip in his grave if he saw what our church is like now.


*is tired*

I spent the day with Mom and Katie. First, Katie had to go to D.C. to drop off Paul's Department of Energy badge and keys. Several of his former co-workers came out to talk to Katie even though they knew Paul wasn't with us. They miss him terribly. He'd wanted to come in today, but was too tired. He has his good days and bad days.

After that, we headed to National Harbor. We had lunch at a great seafood place, The Walrus. I had the best fried shrimp I'd had in years!

We did some shopping on the waterfront and at the outlet after lunch. There wasn't time to go on the Wheel, but Mom and I plan to come back for my birthday.

The Peeps store was fun!

I got a cute plush Peep bunny, and a free Peep beach ball!

We're celebrating Paul's birthday in Richmond tomorrow, because Sam is off work. Monday, Dad is taking me to Tyson's Corner, so we can go to the American Girl store. Melody isn't available until August 25th, but Dad is getting gift cards for her, and I might get one of the Wellie Wishers. They're so cute. I haven't been to Tyson since before the AG store opened, so I'm looking forward to the shopping!

The only thing...

...that will make this week bearable are these two guys:

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

Despite all the horrible crap coming from the Republican National Convention, these two can make me laugh about it. Colbert's live Late Show mocking the convention is perfection.

Also, he crashed the convention yesterday as his Hungry for Power Games character. Troll level: Expert.

Can't wait to see what he has planned for the Democrats.

More trouble in France.

In Nice, this time, on Bastille Day, no less. Van plowed into a crowd, dozens dead. UGH. :(

ETA: At least 70 dead. God.

Mom and I were worried that Cecile and her boys were there, because we know they've been in South France this week. Cecile sent a message that she's fine, they aren't in Nice. But they were fairly close, on the coast.

All grown up.

The babies are flying, and have pretty much left the nest. Mama is still hanging around, so they probably still sleep in the flower basket.

Here's a photo of the last one to leave:

They are definitely house finches. I finally got a good look at mama and she matches the bird guide photo exactly.

Katie and Paul celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary this week. I made them a cake:

Here's their reception photo from July 5, 1986!

We had a family lunch in Colonial Beach today. It was gorgeous out, and we drove around near the beach.

I haven't been to a beach in a long time. I wish I could have gone swimming today!

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