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Christmas 2016.

Christmas Eve was definitely my last at my soon to be former church. It was not a good service, despite good music from the choir. I HATE the way our new pastors do things. The scriptures were from a "modern" type Bible, communion was rushed and confused, and the sermon was trite and meaningless. I got a much better experience at St. Paul's Christmas Day service this morning.

We had a lovely Christmas Eve luncheon in Richmond- Mom, Dad, me, Katie, Sam, and Sam's girlfriend, Janice. It was an excellent seafood place called Boathouse. Great food and a nice if foggy view of downtown Richmond.

Great company, too. Janice is nice, and was a big help to Sam during Paul's last week. I think she's a keeper. ;) Sam has dyed his hair very very blond...

We had presents and dessert at Sam's, and the rest of the presents opened either at Mom and Dad's or Katie's.

Sam's tree.

Christmas cake- it was a "cannoli" cake: white cake, cannoli-like filling, ganache frosting, candied orange garnish. It was wonderful.

Truman the cat was very interested in the cake crumbs.

Great presents this year- cute pajamas, Michaels gift card, a gorgeous cat art print, chocolate, and the Star Trek Beyond Blu-ray from Katie and Sam; two beautiful dresses, a bottle of Dolce perfume, a cookie baking book, a Paris-themed comforter set, and American Girl Rebecca, with her Hanukkah dress and accesories!

Rory got new toys.

Beautiful roses given to the choir members by our director:

Christmas dinner was just me, Katie, Mom, and Dad. We had a nice, simple but elegant dinner. Unfortunately Katie and I are both sick. It was also kind of weird. It's our first Christmas without Paul, and we got through it.

I'm spending the last of Christmas Day watching the Broncos get their asses kicked by the Chiefs. :( What happened to the Super Bowl 50 champs?

Also, I'm listening to various Wham! and George Michael songs. I can't believe he died today.


2016 just had to get one more. George Michael is dead. Dammit. I loved Wham! and his solo stuff when I was in high school.

So Carrie Fisher seems to have been spared (for now), but someone was taken in her place.

2016, please die now. Seriously, how much more damage can be done in seven days?


Almost forgot...

Colorado State lost the Great Idaho Potato Bowl (lol!) to Idaho. They were MASHED. :p Actually, the final score was 61-50. Both teams had sleepy defensive lines! I kept coming up with potato puns while the scores updated (couldn't watch the game)- mashed; shredded and fried and turned into latkes; scalloped; and "death by tater tots".

I'm just glad they went to a bowl.

A few more Christmas photos.

Katie made an Advent Calendar for me. It's filled with little goodies for each day- including Christmas earrings, gift ecards for Amazon and Target, a movie night (we saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them- awesome!), make-up, and an I.O.U. for lunch (she's been sick this week).

She had as much fun making and filling it as I have had opening each box! Two more to go!

Shopping trip earlier this month at Short Pump in Richmond- they go all out with the decorations.

Those reindeer were HUGE.

Rory vs. my tree:

He's been so good this year with the trees. He goes under them, but doesn't try to climb them. I have a nice stocking full of new kitty toys for my good boy!


Don't do this to us, 2016.

Carrie Fisher had a "massive" heart attack on a plane today, and it "doesn't look good" according to local news. 2016, you've already taken Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Prince, Gene Wilder, Anton Yelchin, John Glenn, Florence Henderson, Alan Thicke, among too many others to count. YOU CAN'T HAVE PRINCESS LEIA. I forbid it! :(

Seriously, I hope she somehow pulls through. I doubt Debbie Reynolds wants to outlive her daughter.


Assorted Christmas Tree and doll photos.

What it says on the tin. Behind a cut because it's a lot.

Read more...Collapse )

It must be almost Christmas...

The Saturday Night Live Christmas special is on.

Oh, for fuck's sake, 2016.

Alan Thicke died suddenly today. I loved Growing Pains as a kid (despite really being annoyed by Kirk Cameron, especially later in the show). He had a heart attack while playing hockey with his son. As someone on ohnotheydidnt pointed out, what a Canadian way to go. But 69 is too young. :(

Jeez, I'm seeing a pattern here- Florence Henderson, AKA Mrs. Brady, and now Dr. Seaver. Don't want to know what T.V. mom or dad is going to be next. *puts protective forcefield around Meredith Baxter and Michael Gross of Family Ties*



Sherlock Series 4 official trailer. WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING!!!!

This one gif:

I am a mess! Who's he saying it to?

Can't wait for January 1st. But so help me, if they hurt my Molly...


2016 gets another one.

Godspeed, John Glenn. The first American to orbit the Earth and former Senator was 95.

Finally got to see Doctor Strange. It was excellent. Also went to see A Christmas Story: The Musical last week. Absolutely wonderful.

I helped my dad host his pre-Rotary party last week. I forgot that he had a sort-of celebrity in his club- Clint Van Zant, that guy you see on MSNBC whenever there's a mass shooting or other big crime. He was at the party. So that was interesting!

Cookies are almost all baked. The choir carol service is on Sunday. Christmas is almost here. The season is just moving fast!

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