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Overdid it again.

I went to lunch with the library crowd yesterday. Everyone was happy to see me, and we had a nice time. Mom and I went to Michaels and shopped and shopped. I got some great stuff. But then I was too tired to work with it. I've been tired all week! I think my terrible night before the colonoscopy messed up my sleeping schedule.

Today was another off day, but I managed to cook dinner and do some of the laundry. Now I'm just lying in bed watching Star Trek (all series) episodes.

Finally, some good news.

I had my colonoscopy early this morning. It went smoothly, despite the fact that I threw up some the bowel prep. Best news, I'm clear! No abnormalities. So that's one less worry! Next is the genetic test, then I'll be started on chemo.

I had a hellish night. The bowel prep was even worse than I've heard. I didn't sleep at all. But I had a nice nap during the procedure!

Baby steps.

I cooked an entire meal tonight. By myself. This is important to me. I haven't cooked in six weeks, except to make salads and do prep work. I'm a little tired out, but it felt good.

I seem to have recovered my sense of taste. I had lunch downtown at a restaurant known for its pizzas. I had an amazing wood fired oven pizza. It was the best thing I'd eaten in six weeks. I still couldn't eat a lot, but that meant leftovers. And their pizzas are good cold.

I am dreading Monday. That's when I have to do the bowel prep for my colonoscopy. I actually have to get a hotel room in Richmond because there's no way I can do the prep at home and get down there so early in the morning. I'm not worried so much about the colonoscopy itself.

The next step.

My colonoscopy is set for next Tuesday. After that, a blood test to check for Lynch Syndrome. Once the colonoscopy results are in, my first chemotherapy session will be planned, probably in another two weeks.

After my appointment with the gastroenterologist, I had lunch and did a bit of shopping. I managed to not wear myself out, although I was aching a bit from the doctor's prodding.

I still haven't been able to go to choir practice. If I'm feeling okay tomorrow, I'll go tomorrow night.

Oh, boo.

All of the bald American Girl dolls are backordered. My mini me won't get here until June. I'll be well into chemo by then!

A nice Easter.

A belated Easter post. I was able to dress up and go to church, and I was able to sing with the choir during the communion anthem. Everyone was happy to see me. The choir director almost cried! After church, instead of cooking or going out for the family Easter dinner, we had take out from Olive Garden. The next day, Mom and I made spanakopita and ham for Easter Monday. Food is starting to taste better, but I still have a small appetite. It felt good to cook something.

I have some Easter photos to share later.

Today was an off day. I couldn't sleep last night, so I was in a daze all day and couldn't do much besides read. Hopefully I'll perk up a bit tomorrow.

A very hopeful report.

My follow up with the surgeon was this morning. The news was pretty good, all things considered. I've almost completely healed from surgery. They did discover cancer in the uterus, but it was tiny. Stage 1a, no further action needed since everything was taken out. All the suspicious spots tested negative. However, the ovary mass is Stage 1c, so I will have to have chemo started in the next couple of weeks. This is where it gets complicated- before I can start the chemo, I have to have a colonoscopy to rule out cancer there. Doctor said he didn't feel anything during the surgery, but wants to be absolutely sure I'm clear. Then he told me that because of my relative youth, family history of colon cancer, and the sudden apperance of the tumor, he suspects a genetic component. I have to be tested for Lynch Syndrome. If I test positive, my sister and cousins will have to be tested, too. Katie is already having fibroids removed soon- if she also has the mutation, she'll have to have a total hysterectomy like I did. :( But the bottom line is I'm early stage/low grade and treatable (even if there is colon cancer). I fully intend to kick cancer's ass!

I did a little shopping after lunch, but I got tired out. The poking and prodding from this morning caught up with me later, and my lower abdomen is aching. Headed to bed early.

I'm going to order my bald American Girl companion next week, so I'll have her before my chemo starts.

Photos from the month from hell.

Me at Mary Washington Hospital's Emergency Room. Good painkillers.

St. Mary's Hospital in Richmond. Me cuddling Luciana after surgery, first meal, flowers.

Overdid it today.

I did laundry, which involved bending over more than I have since before the surgery. My back is a bit sore. And I actually cooked something! Okay, it was Rice Krispies Treats, but it was still cooking! I also finished my cross stitch piece. I'm very tired now. I probably made myself do too much.

Tomorrow I'm going to Richmond, but not for medical reasons. I'm having lunch with family down there, because Sam is off. He won't be able to have Easter dinner with us. If I'm not too tired after lunch, I'll go to the Good Friday service. It will be the first time I've been to church in over a month.

More progress.

I actually got dressed and went out yesterday. I just did a Target run to get stuff for Easter, and also a few errands with my dad. I was out for about an hour, and that was enough. I was so tired!

I didn't go to church on Sunday, but I am determined to go on Easter. If I get tired, I can nap at Katie's house between church and Easter dinner. She lives less than a mile from our church, so that's the plan.

Tuesday after Easter is my follow-up with my surgeon. He should have the pathologist's report, and with that, a plan for treatment. He's still sure the surgery got the cancer (it was located in the ovarian tumor), but I'll probably need some kind of chemo. Meanwhile the incision has pretty much healed and the pain is gone.

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