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Bad day for Sesame Street and Star Trek fans.

Caroll Spinney, the legendary puppeteer behind Sesame Street's Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, has died at age 85. So many children grew up enchanted by his work. Sesame Street wouldn't have been what it was without Spinney's collaboration with Jim Henson.

Not long after hearing about Spinney, I learned that Rene Auberjoinois also died today at age 79, of lung cancer. He had a long career in film, stage, and television, but to me, he was Odo of Star Trek Deep Space Nine. I'm really sad about this one! We already lost Aron Eisenberg this year. Fuck cancer.

And Star Trek The Next Generation's Marina Sirtis (Troi) suddenly lost her husband last night. Just died in his sleep.
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Nothing but bad news.

Happy fucking Thanksgiving. First my nephew's girlfriend dumped him out of the blue. That sucked. And now something even worse has happened. My sister's boyfriend had a stroke, and he might die. He had just bought a ring for her and they were probably going to get engaged at Christmas. She was finally moving on and happy after my brother in law's death, and now this happened. I'm sick of bad crap happening to my family. Bad things tend to happen in threes, so now I'm afraid of what's coming next.

My family could really use prayers and good thoughts. Sam will get over the breakup (he's been there, done that), but I don't know how Katie will deal with (possibly) losing George.
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Holidays are coming...

Finished this tonight. It's a design by dirtycussstitch at Etsy, part of a five chart set. Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays. It can just get a bit overwhelming at times, especially since I've been sick.

This will be my second Thanksgiving since I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Even though I'm in remission, with no current evidence of disease, I still have brief moments of frustration and sadness. This tiny cross stitch is just an outlet for those moments, not my every day feelings!

My family is not joining my nephew in Charleston for Thanksgiving this year. Instead, he and his girlfriend are coming here, and the family Thanksgiving will be on Saturday. I'm a little disappointed about not going down to Charleston, but this is easier on everyone. We'll go in the spring. This also gives me the extra time to get Christmas trees and other decorations up!

Thanksgiving Day will be spent watching the Macy's parade, a dog show, and some football. Dinner will be takeout Chinese or whatever restaurant is open. It will be nice to not have to rush the cooking. Plenty of time to do that before Saturday!
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A little bit early for Christmas...

I just got this stinking cute outfit from etsy. It's Ralphie's bunny suit from A Christmas Story! (I added the glasses.) I put it on Isobel. It works best on her because she has no hair to hide, but I'll probably switch to other modern dolls. Doll cosplay is fun!

"A pink nightmare. A deranged Easter Bunny!"

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We are the champions...


They won Game Seven against the Astros, 6-2! First win in the franchise's history. They never made it as the Expos (closest they came to being a serious contender was '94...the year the series was cancelled because of the MLB strike).

They were a HUGE underdog. I wasn't sure they would win. Never underestimate the Nats!
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Nats fall in Game Five.

Houston Astros now lead the Series 3-2. Tomorrow it's do or die for the Nats.
Ya know, I wasn't really expecting the Nats to win their first ever World Series. I was just hoping they'd put up more of a fight. But there's still hope! Remember the '86 Mets.

That said, if it had been the Cards, Phillies, or Braves in the Series, I'd be all for the Astros. ;) So win win for me. I want the Nats to win, but I'm perfectly fine with the Astros winning.

Teams I'll root for any time in the NL: Nats/Mets (tied for first), Rockies, Cubs, sometimes tbe Dodgers. Hell no: Cardinals, Phillies, Braves, Giants.

AL teams I'm okay with: Astros, Angels, Mariners, Orioles (gotta support the local boys). Hell no: Yankees (Those Damn Yankees!), Red Sox.
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Some photos I meant to post...

...months ago. This is what happens when I mostly post from my phone. Last Halloween; Thanksgiving in Charleston and my nephew's house; and a few from Christmas.

Halloween party for the modern girls.


Rainbow Row.

Sam's house!

Isobel in a banana tree!

My Christmas tree room!

Rory still doesn't like Christmas. Fa la la la nope!

Kaya joined my large crew of American Girls!

I have too many photos to post. They're all at Instagram and Facebook.