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A rough start.

Two days after Round Three, and I'm not doing so great. I didn't feel so exhausted or out of it the first two rounds. I'm feeling a bit sick. Not quite nauseous, but almost. I'm not going to eat much the next couple of days.

The leg pains are starting, but not as bad as before. My hands have been hot and tingly again, but ice helps. And my hair is falling out again. When I'm feeling stronger, I'll go get the rest shaved off.

Halfway there!

I had my third chemo infusion yesterday. It took almost eight hours this time. The nurse who did my pre-chemo exam yesterday ordered an extra I.V. of fluids because I was dehydrated.

Lots of extras yesterday...


I finally had my bald mini-me with me!


This is the bell I get to ring after my last infusion. Three more to go!


Today I was tired, had little appetite, and had hot, tingly hands. No pain yet.

'Twas the night before chemo round three...

I'm at the guest house at St. Mary's Hospital with my mom. It will be easier to get to my chemo session in the morning. It's really nice.




Very comfortable. I brought Isobel this time.




Dad and Katie came down with us. We had a nice Starbucks break between my appointment and blood test, then went shopping at Dillard's (where else?). Once again, I scored big in the jewelry department. A Betsey Johnson necklace with two matching pairs of earrings. I think I need an intervention! We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I had a great pizza, and Katie and I split a slice of their Godiva chocolate cheesecake.

Time for bed. Going back to the hospital Starbucks for breakfast before my infusion.

Mini Me!

She arrived yesterday. She's so cute! I've named her Isobel.
My chemo companions!
It's been a rough few days. I start out feeling fine, then I feel sick or tired or both by the end of the day. That feeling never lasts, but it happens a lot. Round three begins on Tuesday. This time I'll have a bald companion!

The Commie Pinko Ladies Drinking Society.

Tonight, my mom hosted her politcal group. These are women she works with during election seasons, but they're all friends and meet up for other events. Tonight's meet up was supposed to be a gardening party (Mom needs some help in the garden and I can't do much), but the weather turned out to be too bad. So we just extended the party side of the plan. Wine, cocktails, snacks, and discussion of tomorrow's Virginia primaries. And Trump bashing. So much bashing. One lady brought a Trump voodoo doll. We played a game of "Did Trump say that?", and anyone got the right answer, they got to stick the doll with s pin. The doll ended up with a lot of pin pricks!
It was so much fun. A lot of laughs, which I really needed!


What a great week in sports!

First the Caps won the Stanley Cup, then the Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championship. Today, Justify won the Belmont Stakes, and with that, the Triple Crown! He's lucky number thirteen. Thirteen Triple Crown winners, five of them in my lifetime, two in the last three years. Justify is an amazing horse. In the Belmont, he was always ahead. I knew he would do it!


Halfway through Round two.

Today was good for me. I was able to go grocery shopping and run some errands with my dad. Then I managed to cook dinner and bake a cake for the whole family. I even did two loads of dishes and the laundry. I'm still not tired! It felt good to walk a bit and actually do something.

Yesterday, I got my hair trimmed again. It's sort of in a pixie cut, and if my hair wasn't so thin, it would be super cute. My hairdresser and I decided it would be silly to shave my head while I still have plenty of hair. She helped me style my wig, so I'll be ready to use it. If the rest of my hair falls out in big pieces, then I'll get it shaved.

Yesterday was pretty good, too, but I tired out early. And then there was the excitement of the Caps winning the Stanley Cup! It took me a while to settle down. Of course then I woke up this morning to the news about Anthony Bourdain's suicide. That was a horrible shock.

So my second cycle of chemo is halfway done. It's been a little rocky this time, but I think I'm doing okay now.

The championship drought is over!


D.C. hasn't won any sports championship since the Redskins won the 1992 Super Bowl. I think the city really needed this! Now the Nationals just need to win the World Series! The Washington Senators won the World Series in 1924. A looooooong time ago.


One third of this cycle is over.

And I felt pretty darned good. Almost normal. I went out to lunch and shopped, and I managed to not overdo things. No pain except for a bit of leg and foot pain late in the afternoon, which didn't last long. This morning I had a bit of a migraine "hangover". I was a little bit sensitive to light.

I really do think the worst is behind me. Still a bit tired, but not fatigued.

Today was better.

I was out of bed most of the day. Very little pain, not as tired. I took a walk in the garden, did laundry, worked on the computer. Everything was fine until mid-afternoon. Then I was hit with a blinding migraine that came from nowhere. So the rest of my day was spent getting rid of that. I still have a bit of a headache. But other than that, I was fine. I think the worst side effects from this cycle are done. I'm actually going out to lunch and shopping tomorrow. I'll try not to overdo it.

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