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Death of a President.

President George H.W. Bush has died at the age of 94. Not surprising, as Barbara Bush passed away earlier in the year. I knew he probably wouldn't make it to 2019.

I'm a Democrat, did not agree with most of his policies (especially the Gulf War), but he was still the President. I hope the family bans Trump from the funeral.

There was also a major earthquake near Anchorage, Alaska today.
7.0, lots of damage, but so far no deaths or serious injuries.

Bad news comes in threes, so I wonder what will happen tomorrow!


Thanksgiving 2018.

Had a nice time in Charleston. I got home a couple of hours ago, and I'm too tired to write much else. I rode down with Katie, and that was fun. I have some photos to post later.

I'm a sad Marvel Girl today.

Stan Lee has died at the age of 95. I knew he wasn't going to be around much longer after it was announced he'd filmed his last MCU cameo, but it's still sad. For me this ranks up there with losing Jim Henson, Gene Roddenberry, Robin Williams, Leonard Nimoy, and Carrie Fisher.

Captain Marvel will no doubt open with an "in memory of" slide. What a way to introduce her!

At least we get that last cameo in Avengers 4. Thanks for everything, Stan. Excelsior!



Two weeks, two mass shootings.

Less than two weeks after the murders at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, there's been another massacre. This time, it was a bar in Thousand Oaks, California. Twelve dead. Most of them young, because it was college night. One of the dead survived the Las Vegas shooting last year. They've only just finished burying their dead in Pittsburgh, and now it's already time for another round of funerals, candlelight vigils, thoughts and prayers, and still nothing will change. This is who we are.

Meanwhile, there is still hope that things will change for the better. The midterm elections gave the Democrats back the House, although the Republicans still have the Senate. That was expected. But the Democrats won seats in very red districts all across the country (including Virginia), and won several governors races. And some races still haven't been called! Things won't be better right away, but I think it will be very different.

In happier news...

Thanksgiving plans are starting to take form. Charleston,
SC, here I come! I'm going down with Katie a day early to take stuff to Sam. Mom and Dad will come a day later. Sam's house is much nicer than the one he didn't get. It's a fairly new house made to look like an old Charleston home. It will be just six of us- Mom and Dad, Katie, me, Sam, and his girlfriend (also named Katie! Lol.). I think we're going to have dinner catered, but I'll make a couple of my pies to take. We'll do a little sight-seeing the rest of the week. It should be fun!

The problem is that I'll only get to see Sam once or twice a year now. I'm suddenly glad he didn't get the Seattle or Denver jobs!

As if the past week wasn't crappy enough.

Now there's been a major plane crash in Indonesia. Lion Air Flight 610, with 188 people on board. I just saw footage of the debris on CNN. The plane must have hit the water at a high speed, because it looks like it shattered on impact. No way anyone survived. What a crap way to start the week. :(

ETA: No survivors. This is the worst commercial crash, and second worst overall air disaster this year.
(The worst was an Algerian military plane crash, which killed 250+ soldiers and their families.)


When will it be enough?

Just this week: A white man shot and killed two black people in Louisville (at the Kroger where my cousin Sarah shops). Spared a white shopper because "whites don't shoot whites". Throughout the week, pipe bombs were sent to Trump critics- including former Presidents Obama and Clinton, CNN's New York headquarters, and members of Congress. The "MAGA-bomber" was a big Trump supporter. Thank God none of the bombs went off. And just this morning, a synagogue in Pittsburgh was shot up, with at least 8 dead (expected to go up). The shooter surrendered, and is reported to have said "Jews must die".

The hate and division in this country gets worse every day. Trump's anti-press, anti-Democrat rants aren't helping. I am so afraid something is going to happen on Election Day. But we have to vote. Vote blue. It's our only hope.

ETA: 11 dead, 6 wounded in Pittsburgh. 4 of the wounded are police officers.

Remission week two!

Post-chemo/remission update: So far I've gone to two choir rehearsals. My voice is a little thin, but it feels good to be singing again. My choir director is so happy to have me back! Last night was a double practice- regular church choir and then the first practice for our Masterworks series. I got pretty tired, but they were good rehearsals.

My eyelashes are almost completely back. My eyebrows are coming in very dark, almost black, which seriously clashes with my white blonde hair fuzz! Once my hair is a reasonable length, I'm going to dye it either pink or purple.

I still have bouts of tiredness. It will be a while before that goes away. But so far, I'm doing great.

Finally some good news!

The good news from my oncologist- I'm in remission! There was one odd spot that he wants to keep an eye on, but he doubts it's a new tumor. In three months I have to have another scan. The only bad news is he wants to keep my port in until then. I have to get it flushed with saline in two weeks. He gave me the okay to get a flu shot. Travel is fine, too.

It was really weird seeing my scans. I've seen more than I ever wanted of my insides!

Mom and Dad and I had lunch at Cracker Barrel after, and of course I did some shopping. They have their Christmas stuff out already, and a lot of it is wonderful. I behaved and only bought two small ornaments and two pens with tiny snow globes on them.

Another test done.

The PET scan was an interesting experience. The trailer was ice cold, and the techs kept offering me blankets. I had to wait an hour after the dye was injected before they could start, so I just sat there sipping diet ginger ale (had to avoid sugar for the test) and catching up on the phone. The scan itself wasn't too bad. I was wrapped up snug in more blankets and felt like a mummy! It took about 45 minutes, and I'm pretty sure I dozed off for some of it. The machine was huge, but the scanning area was small. It's a good thing I'm not claustrophobic! My only problem was my nose itched towards the end, and because I wasn't supposed to move, I couldn't scratch it. I'll have the results on Thursday. I hope it will be clear, because that means remission. Let's see if the chemotherapy worked!

This is the monster I had to deal with today:

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