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Little steps!

My first little outing since the lockdown began. Katie and I went for a long drive to two wineries to pick up her orders. It was a nice drive, and a nice break from being stuck at home. We wore our matching Mets masks. I wish I'd gotten a photo! One of the wines we brought home was used in a virtual wine tasting. That was interesting!

It was so pretty yesterday.

Narmada Winery. I've never been here. When they resume tastings, I want to come back.

Gray Ghost Winery. I've been here before. This time they had a small event with live music. Very nice. They were packed, but had plenty of room for everyone to keep a good distance. No tastings at the winery, of course, but they hosted a virtual tasting later that day.


It was a very good wine. Gray Ghost wines usually are good. I prefer the whites over the reds, so I'm glad that was the tasting wine.

It was a pretty good day. I miss going on short day trips, especially with my sister.

More babies hatched today! There are four now. One to go!

kitten rory

More pretty flowers.

I love spring. This time last year I was recovering from my hernia surgery, and really had a hard time enjoying Mom's garden. Her climbing roses are so gorgeous!

Got some happy mail this week. A special edition Hairdorables- Hello Kitty Rayne! It really cheered me up. She's so cute.

The stay at home order is slowly being lifted. I actually have an appointment with my hairdresser in two weeks! I think in some parts of the country, re-opening will be okay, as long as people take precautions. Unfortunately, there are some assholes who refuse to wear masks or keep six feet apart. We really shouldn't rush things. The COVID-19 death toll is nearly 90,000. On the other hand, the virus is never going to fully go away. We just need to be patient about testing and hope for a vaccine.
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There are five eggs in the nest now. Two cowbird, three house finch. There was a fourth finch egg, but it was kicked out, probably by the mama cowbird. Baby killer!

Mom's garden continues to do well. The irises are still going strong, and the hot poker flowers and roses are gorgeous.

We had a nice Mother's Day. We went to church via internet again, then had take out from Olive Garden. Since the Kentucky Derby didn't happen last week (postponed untill September), I made a Derby Pie instead of a cake for Mom. She was very happy with it.
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There's a nest in the petunia basket. Looks like the house finches are back! But the eggs are different. I think the bigger one is from a brown headed cowbird- they leave eggs in nests for other birds to raise.

There hasn't been a nest on the porch in three years. I hope these chicks hatch!
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More bad news...

Someone from my church has died from COVID-19. He was older, had other health issues, but the virus is what ultimately killed him. My church is small. I don't like the thought of losing any members.

And also, when we're allowed to have services in the building again, we won't be able to have choir. It's impossible to sing in a mask, and singers really spread germs farther than speakers. We may not be able to sing for a whole year. I can't stand it. I've missed so much choir in the past two years because I was sick. I hate not being able to sing. And I can't imagine Christmas services without music. It may come to that.

Meanwhile, the death toll in the U.S. is 72,000+. If everything starts opening right now, there are projections that it could be a quarter of a million before the year is over. Fuck.
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I've been so distracted by everything else that's going on. I forgot an unhappy anniversary. A year ago last week I was enduring the hospital stay from hell. Ten days in the hospital for what should have been a standard hernia repair. But no, I had to have complications. And a second surgery. It took me the entire summer to recover. I still have nightmares. All of it related to the cancer and hysterectomy. I hope I'm done with this crap. We'll see what happens at my August check-up...
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And now...


I wonder what else is going to hit us in 2020?

On a less amusing note, the death toll in the USA is 67,000+. But Governor Northam says that the Stay at Home order will start being lifted in stages starting next week. It's really not as bad in Virginia as in other states. Churches may be the among the first places to re-open!