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A rough week.

Round three was pretty bad for Katie. I went home on Thursday because she thought she was doing okay. Tonight she called and asked me to come back after church tomorrow. She's really tired and feeling sick and dizzy. She's been able to walk Giada, but she may be overdoing it.

One thing that has made Katie feel better is eating red meat. She had a roast beef sub from Jersey Mike's on Wednesday, and she really perked up after eating. I always felt more energetic during chemo if I ate anything with protein, so she probably has the same cravings.

Meanwhile, getting older sucks. I have had a burning, stabbing pain in my thumb that is very likely arthritis. I'll ask my doctor about it, and will probably need an X-ray. I'm wearing a brace, which helps, but it's getting hard to do my daily tasks.

I have managed to start my Christmas crafting! I finished a cross stitch ornament and made candle holders inspired by a craft magazine.

kitten rory

Tired of politics.

A neighbor of Katie's came by canvassing for the Republicans. No mask. Really bitchy. Argued with our dad. Giada actually barked and she NEVER barks. Guess it takes a bitch to know one. :p

Dad had to tell her to not come by without a mask because my sister has cancer and is undergoing CHEMOTHERAPY. My mom was wearing her mask made with Democratic fabric. You'd think the neighbor would get the hint and back off. Nope. She kept arguing about how the Democrats have made COVID-19 worse and that Trump was doing a great job. If I had been out there, I would have asked her to leave. We've all voted already, for Biden/Harris. Straight blue ticket. Stop wasting your time and ours.

Ugh. I can't wait for the election to be over.

Katie's not doing so great with round three of chemo. She's having a lot of nausea and is too tired to do much more than lie down. She is eating a bit. I remember that my second to last round of chemo was my worst, so she might be okay with the next one.
kitten rory

Fall days.

Dad and I went for a long drive near the mountains. We picked up apples and cider at an orchard, and just drove around looking at the changing leaves.

Some photos- it was a pretty day, and the leaves are starting to change.

I took Briony with me. She picked out some apples and pumpkins!

I ended the day with some hot apple cider and an apple cider donut!

kitten rory

Fall crafts.

2020 may suck, but it hasn't kept me from crafting! Halloween cross stitched ornaments, a Thanksgiving wreath, a Notorious RBG cross stitch, and my first Christmas ornament.

I made the wreath for Mom's birthday present. She loved it.

My mom made a Halloween quilt!

kitten rory

2020... not done with my family yet. I don't know if I've posted about it here, but my aunt Pauletta has Alzheimer's, and she's declining pretty fast. Mom talked to Uncle Brad yesterday. He and Sarah are starting to look for nursing homes in the next few months, because it's getting hard to care for her. They have a nurse come to the house twice a week, but she's at the point where she needs round the clock care. Sarah can't do a lot, because she has her girls to care for, and Uncle Brad is getting overwhelmed. I hate that this is happening, especially with COVID-19. That's why they've been putting off looking for long time care. My mom is so upset. She doesn't think she'll ever get to see her sister again. My family has had enough suffering. I can't see how things can get much worse.
kitten rory

Two down!

Katie had her second chemo session today. She's okay so far. Tired, with a little nausea. She is starting to lose her hair. She's not happy about that. I felt the same way when my hair started to fall out.

She really, really wanted donuts after chemo today. Dad and I bought a dozen from a great local bakery (Krispy Kreme/Dunkin who?). She ate two in the car on the way home!

Donut feast:

No, we didn't eat them all! Dad took some home to Mom.

I'll be going back and forth for a few days. Katie's friend is coming for the rest of the weekend.

I think Giada understands that Katie is sick. She's being a very good doggy.

Dad and I are going apple picking and leaf viewing either Wednesday or Thursday. Last chance to pick our own this coming week. There will still be apples to buy, but I haven't gone picking in three years and I really miss it. Either way, we will have a nice day on Skyline Drive. The color peak in the mountains is about this time, and the weather is supposed to be nice. I love Virginia in the fall. If Katie is feeling okay, she might go with us. She's looking forward to making apple butter.
kitten rory

Courtney is here!

And she's totally awesome. I love every bit of her collection. I have three more pieces of clothing coming!

The thing that makes Courtney so cool is her accessories. The Caboodles is killing me with cuteness. And the tiny "Walkman" is perfect.

Katie is still doing well one week after her first chemo. She had a bit of a fever yesterday, but is feeling better. Her next session is this Friday, so I'm going back to her house for the weekend (and taking Courtney!).
kitten rory


My absentee ballot was waiting for me when I got home from my sister's house. I have done my duty as a U.S. citizen and voted! Straight blue ticket.

Briony is wearing my sticker now.

Katie is doing okay. She's feeling like she has the flu, the same way I felt after my first round of chemo. I stayed with her most of the week. She's feeling well enough to walk and feed the dog, but if she decides she needs me again, she'll call. She slept half of the time I was there.

Beautiful altar flowers from Sunday's church service. A friend brought them to Katie.
kitten rory

One down!

Katie had her first chemo session today. She did fine. She's tired and had a little nausea, but she's okay so far.

She had to go alone. Originally, Mom was supposed to be allowed to go with her, but that changed.

We did a "first day" photo like parents do for their kid's first day of school!

Isobel stayed home, but still cheered her on.

One of Katie's friends made her a superhero cape to take with her. KAK, meaning Kick-ass Katie!

Meanwhile, Debbie's funeral was this morning. It was a lovely and comforting service. It helped that the pastor knew her. I wish I could have been there in person.