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Round Five- done!

Tomorrow is my visit with the oncologist, and then Round Six of chemo on Tuesday! Of course, then it's a year of scans, blood tests, etc. I don't know when my port will be removed, but that's one more minor surgery.

Late Tuesday afternoon, I get to ring that bell!

Birthday goodies!

Cake and cupcake, a card that Katie made, and new American Girl outfits for Rebecca and Nanea!

A bit better.

Two hours of hydration infusions today. So I'm not feeling as weak as I was. Still not great, though. Very tired. I hope I don't have to go in for another one before Round Six of chemo. I had some more brief bits of nausea today, too.

A selfie I took with Rory today:

Still here!

Not as weak as I was over the weekend, but enough for me to get an appointment for a hydration infusion tomorrow. And today I actually had to take one of my anti-nausea pills. I had that suddden "carsick" feeling again. Nausea has not been a problem for me except for a couple of brief episodes. Wonder why it's starting to happen more often.

I was able to go out yesterday for my birthday dinner. I got really tired out, but was able to eat and enjoy everything. Good Chinese food, especially hot-and-sour soup, really makes me feel better.

Losing more hair every day. I wear a hat because my wig is too hot. I have huge bald spots all over now. I don't think I look too bad.

Round Five, same as Round Four.

Tired, weak, dizzy. I almost passed out after my shower tonight. Today was a waste. All I could do was rest, watch television, read, and do a little cross stitch. Playing with the cat was too much for me. I was actually hungry for breakfast, but had to make myself eat some dinner. I felt a little bit sick later. And I lost a bunch more hair. The good news is I'm not having any pain.

Monday I'll have to call the doctor and set up another hydration infusion. That will help.

I hate feeling so weak. I don't like not being able to do anything useful.

Round Five, Day Three.

Just very tired. Slept a lot. Still had a nice birthday!
Had a cake and great presents and cards. If I'm feeling okay on Sunday, we're going out for a family dinner.

A couple of pictures from Round Five:

Mom and I were in a different room at the guest house. It was on the second floor, and had its own sitting room and a balcony. And I'm starting to look more like my Mini Me!

Round Five, Day Two.

Holy crap, I am so tired. I woke up at eight this morning, figured I could use another half hour and went back to sleep. I woke up again...at one thirty. Just now finishing lunch. No pain or weakness yet. Just tired and not that hungry. I'm drinking a lot of water and have Gatorade on standby! Hopefully, if I stay hydrated, I'll do better this time.

Round Five Begins!

Today I spent seven hours in the infusion center. So far,
I feel pretty good. Five down, one to go!!!!


Oh, my God, Mets. You're my favorite baseball team, but holy shit. What the hell happened tonight? Losing 25-4 (I think, I couldn't bear to watch to the end).

On the other hand...I do love my Washington Nationals, too. I love to see them win, especially at Nats Park. Nattitude! But this wasn't a game, it was a slaughter!

Oh, divided loyalties suck. My favorite team from my first hometown, NYC. My second favorite team from my current home (okay, I live an hour from D.C.). And I have third favorite team from another former home, the Colorado Rockies.


Today I learned: Liquid Imodium is even more disgusting than Pepto Bismol. Urgh. I told my dad to pick up the caplets, but he got the liquid. Glad he got it for me, though. It was a lifesaver.

I'm getting ready for bed at the guest house. Tomorrow is Round Five of chemo! I'm almost done. I met with my oncologist today, and he is very happy with my progress! He was surprised that I haven't lost all of my hair. He doesn't think I'll go completely bald if I haven't already. Right now, though, I almost have a Mohawk. Just a little bit of hair on the sides, longer hair in the middle. Who says punk is dead?

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