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Good news.

I had a visit with the oncologist today. After my exam he told me everything looked and felt good. Unless something turns up in my blood tests, I don't have to see him again until late September. Still in remission! Yay. I'll probably have to have a scan then.

It never ends.

A mass shooting at a city government building in Virginia Beach. 12 dead, 5 injured. Shooter also died after a gunfight with police. Apparently, he was a long time employee who had been fired that day. Thoughts and prayers incoming, with no solutions in sight.

Another anniversary.

One year ago this week, I finished my first month of chemo (two sessions in May). Time flies. At the time, I still wasn't sure what my prognosis would be. I did very well with those first two sessions, though, and I thought, "I can DO this!". And I got through the summer of chemo, despite some rough days. Now I'm in remission and doing quarterly check-ups with my oncologist. My next one is June 13th. He wanted to wait until my hernia repair surgery and recovery were done.

One month.

It's been exactly a month since my surgery. I'm mostly healed, although there's still occasional pain in my middle when I move. It'll go away eventually!

I meant to go to church today, but I had a bad night and woke up in pain. I felt better and went to lunch with my parents at Red Lobster. Lobster tacos, yum!

I also did my nails for the first time in a month. I must be feeling better!

Home, two weeks.

I went for my follow-up exam on Thursday. The surgeon had a last minute surgery, so I saw his assistant instead. She said everything looked good and my incisions are all healed. All the flu-like symptoms are normal and I should feel much better in another week.

However...almost as soon as I got home, I was very sick. I spent an hour in the bathroom over several trips. It happened again on Friday, and continued through the weekend. I may call the doctor if it's not better tomorrow. I don't think four days of diarrhea is normal, even after surgery.

Slow recovery.

I still feel like I have the flu. I also had a migraine today. Still having a hard time with food. Soup is about all I can manage.

No pain at any of the incision sites tonight. First time that's happened since the second surgery. I'm feeling a little better now that my headache is gone. Maybe I'll feel like myself by the time I see the surgeon on Thursday for my follow-up.

Home, day seven.

I've been home from the hospital for a week. I'm having a very hard time with my recovery. There is still pain and discomfort in my middle. I'm still wearing the binder because of that. Everything still tastes off, so I'm not eating much. I'm going to see the surgeon for my follow-up exam on Thursday. I'm not sure what to tell him if I'm not feeling better by then. I've felt sick and tired the whole week with little improvement, even though I've followed the discharge instructions correctly. Being sick sucks. I hope I never have to go through this again.

Day five at home.

I'm still very tired. I still have some pain. The first surgery was two weeks ago. It's really been a blur. My energy is slowly coming back, but my appetite isn't. Some foods just don't smell or taste right.

I'm home!

I was discharged around noon and was home by three thirty (stopped for lunch). I'm still having pain and discomfort, but I have enough painkillers to last almost two weeks. Hopefully, I won't need them. No lifting for a month, and I need to have a follow-up with the surgeon in two weeks. That's also about time for me to see my oncologist.

The next two weeks are going to be spent resting and recovering. If it's anything like last year, that means a lot of Star Trek at night, and morning walks in the garden.

Rory was glad to see me, but he's disappointed that I can't really play with him. It will be at least a week!

It will be even longer before I can sing again. The tube I had in my stomach really irritated my throat. I can't talk very much yet.

This was the longest hospital stay I've ever had. Ten days and nine nights. Luckily for me, I had Mom and Dad with me most of the time. They kept a room at the guest house so Dad wouldn't have to go home every night. Mom stayed in my room every night, but was able to take showers and naps at the guest house. We're all tired.



Going home tomorrow! My surgeon took me off the I.V. nutrition (the actual PICC line stays until I leave), and if I do well overnight, I'll be discharged tomorrow afternoon. I'm eating and drinking more (off the clear liquids!) and my digestive system is working properly. I'm also walking more and the anesthesia from the second surgery has worn off. There's still some pain and a lot of bruising, but I think I'm ready to go home. My cat needs me!

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