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Christmas is exhausting!

I spent most of today at my sister Katie's house. Most of her in-laws were there, so we had fifteen people at dinner! Her house was just big enough for everyone. I finally met her niece Marissa's husband Danny. He was really nice. They brought their "baby", a lab mix puppy named Mocha. Sweet doggy, but she was nervous and cried all the time! We had a great dinner, and had fun looking through Marissa and Danny's wedding album. Sam gave us a little concert on his drum set. He got a new cymbal to add to it. He was so happy!

I got a lot of nice presents- two cross stitch kits and a book, a cookbook and baking supplies from The Pampered Chef (Mom went to a neighbor's party and bought a ton of stuff), two purses (a Vera Bradley from Mom and Dad and a Laurel Burch from Katie), some Estée Lauder eyeshadow, and a big box of Godiva chocolates. I had more fun watching Mom open her presents (she loved the cross stitched "Antique Shoes")- Dad got her a diamond pendant that knocked her socks off!

I'm really tired, though. The Christmas Eve service and pre-service concert knocked me out. I was too wired to sleep when I got home.

I'll have some pics, some more choir musings, and maybe a recipe or two later this week. I'm too tired to do much else tonight! I hope everyone had a nice holiday.
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