Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Christmas part one!

Long post with pics ahead!
Just a post to show off the family trees and toys...

My pathetic little tree, covered in Star Trek and doll ornaments:

My doll's tea party- Felicity and Elizabeth with my new Spode toy tea set:

I normally dress all of my American Girls in their Christmas outfits, but I ran out of time and energy to do it this year.

My mom and dad's tree, about to collapse from the weight of hundreds of ornaments:

My sister's tree:

Katie's Christmas toy, given to her by a handbell choir member:

It plays about a dozen holiday tunes. It's funny and cute.

Sam giving us a drum concert:

The giant cymbal was his big Christmas present this year. Sam is very enthusiastic about playing the drums in his school's band.

That's it for now- I will have recipes later.
Tags: christmas

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