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Cut to spare the f-list from a fangirl rant!!!

Found some pictures of Bryan Dick in Blood and Chocolate, which will be released next week. Unfortunately, I also saw an early review that makes the movie sound REALLY bad...the sample dialog of Bryan's character was atrocious!!! It looks like they really butchered the book. I'll probably see it anyway just for him...but will definitely go to a matinee to save a few bucks. Ah, Bryan. You deserve better (the whole cast does, actually). Oh, well, actors gotta pay bills, too.

And, oh, yeah, they misidentified his pictures on imdb.com...so no one will know who he is!

But here are two pics, one with the star, Agnes Bruckner...

No comment on the top pic (poor girl. snort). But Bryan with long hair again- huzzah!
Tags: fangirl rants/squees, movies
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