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Well, this has been a draining week...

More like bittersweet. I spent all of last week packing up my downtown store and closing it. I am officially now an online-only shop. All of my merchandise is at home on shelves. I'm doing much better online than I was at my old spot...plus I'm saving almost $500 a month in rent, phone, and other fees. The store manager was sorry to see me go...but did me a huge favor by buying most of my displays. That saved me time, space, and added two months worth of rent to my bank account! The library bought all of the extra office supplies that I don't need.

I was downtown for ten years. I had some really good business down there for a while. But business downtown in general is bad, and I just can't afford the rent- not if I want to have money to buy more merchandise.

I'm really not that sad about closing. I'd been unhappy down there for a long time. Most of my friends are no longer there (or dead), so I don't really know anyone anymore. It was lonely, especially when business was bad. So I'm going to focus on my online sales and see how that goes. I have a nice group of loyal customers who are spreading the word that I'm still in business, and the manager has a stack of my business cards to hand out so people will know where I am!

We celebrated my nephew's birthday last Friday. It's scary to think that in one more year, he'll be driving! We went to the Japanese steakhouse he loves. I ate way too much. Sam really loved the card I made for him. "Awesome, a Flying V!" was his reaction. He loves guitars.

Not much else going on. I've started two new cross stitch projects. TrekBBS was a little awkward this week. I did my best to stay out of the mess for fear of being thought of as biased, or of alienating friends on all sides. It really sucks to be a moderator sometimes...

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