Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

I guess actors DO read message boards...

Fangirl mini squee. I read an interesting interview with Bryan Dick (forgot where it was from, but it was a few months old). At the end, he was joking about how he was single and looking, and was amused by comments at imdb.com (a poster was mentioned by name- and it was a thread I'd posted in!). Yikes! I'd better be careful. But I'm sure he'd be amused by my "I'd like to pat him on the head and give him cookies" comments that I've left in the past...

TrekBBS is down again. It's gonna be a boring Friday night. But Antony and co. are doing their best.

Mom and I are going to a quilting/needlework show in Maryland in May. I haven't decided if I should enter any of my projects, or which one to enter. Mom thinks I should get Miss Valentine framed and enter that. I've got time to do it...
Tags: cross stitch, fangirl rants/squees, trek bbs
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