Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Heaven in a can...

I was very lucky while in the grocery store yesterday. I found two sodas that I love but rarely find...Cheerwine and IBC's Cherry Limeade. Absolutely delicious. And more so because they are rare.  I can only find them at the Food Lion near my sister's house, and they only occasionally stock them.

Evil Choir Directoractually started us on Easter music last night. They're not terribly hard, and they're gorgeous (one is by Bach). We're singing "Wondrous Love" on Sunday (anthem based on the hymn What Wonderous Love is This). He still wastes too much time on warmups, but we're getting through our music.

And a quick fangirl moment- thank you to

punishyourma for sending the link to a very special Virgin Airlines ad featuring a certain actor:

http://www.adwatch.tv/archivelist.asp?Month=03&Year=2006  Last ad on the page. He is beautiful..."You're going to need a bigger plane."

Lexmark printers are teh suck.  I'm about to shoot mine. It doesn't print pictures very well. It also eats color ink cartridges, and they are damned expensive. But I'm stuck with the damn thing now. Grrr.

Tags: choir, evil choir director, fangirl rants/squees

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