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Last fangirl post for a while, I swear!

As always, behind a cut to spare the f-list. Feel free to skip this entry, agree with me, or mock me, but the man is precious.

In addition to the lovely Virgin ad from yesterday, I have these two pictures courtesy of qthewetsprocket . If there are pretty pictures of Bryan Dick to be had, damn right I'm going to save them.

First one is from Blackpool. Second is from Shameless (oh, my God. Those eyes!!!!!). A sourpuss in one (I don't recall D.C. Blythe smiling once in the whole series), a thief/seducer/all around jerk in the other (Jack was NOT a nice person. Even if he was hot. )


Okay. That's all. *giggles* Yes, I'm silly. But I feel like a teenage girl again when I'm fangirling like this. Like a teenager girl without the angst this time! Keeps me young. There's plenty of time and space on this journal for serious stuff.

Obviously, I'm feeling much better today. Exercise has been helping, plus I've made progress on my Easter Fairy stitching project. I'll actually have something to show here next week!

Mom and I want to go see Amazing Grace tomorrow. The reviews have been mixed, but it's a great (and true) story. Plus it stars Ioan Griffud, another droolworthy Brit. Of course, he'll always be Horatio Hornblower to me!
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