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*big grin*

Sometimes the simplest things make me happy. I had a really good day today. To begin with, it was a warm, sunny day. The choir's anthem went well at church. I had lunch with my family at Qdoba, and it was awesome. I found two great pairs of shoes at Designer Shoe Warehouse. I joked with my sister that I wanted her Washington Nationals shirt (or one like it) for my birthday- and she actually went out and bought one for me! She handed it to me right before bell practice tonight. That was sweet of her. She's not the kind of person who impulsively buys presents for people (except for my nephew), so I was surprised. Finally, bell practice went really well. We're going to be ready for the festival in late April. I'm really confident about my part. And now, I have some time to do my cross stitching!

Isn't it funny how the most normal, seemingly boring day can be one of the better days of your life? I just feel good right now.
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