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A brief fangirl moment...

Now that the drama of the weekend is over (thank God!), I can go back to being my usual fangirl self.

Cut, guess why?

I did something possibly illegal. Someone sent me a link to a VERY bad copy of Blood and Chocolate. I didn't watch much of it (I even deleted the link), because, ya know, it's wrong.  But I did watch a few key scenes featuring Bryan Dick...Oh, I felt bad for him. He had the WORST dialogue in the film (that I heard). Unintentionally funny in places- like saying grace before trying to eat Hugh Dancy, WTF?  But he's still beautiful, even when he's evil!

I still think it's worth getting the DVD. What I saw was actually kind of fun, despite the butchering of the novel. So when it comes out in May, I'll do a full watching and a review. 

For now, here's a pretty pic of Bryan as Rafe, once again from qthewetsprocket :

It's a little dark, but I couldn't fix it. And I just realized how short he is. Short but sweet...

Hugh Dancy was a little too scruffy looking for my taste in this. I liked him better in Elizabeth I.

That's all for the day. Dad is feeling much better. And Kira seems to be okay now.

Tags: fangirl rants/squees, movies

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