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I'm such a Drama Queen!

I finished a small-ish project tonight. 

It really fits me.

And I couldn't end my week without a fangirl squee moment. Behind the cut, of course!

punishyourma sent me the link to another nice pic from Blood and Chocolate. Naughty, naughty Rafe. Mr. Dick must have had fun making this film, bad as it may be.

Rrrrrowwwww! Oh, wait. I mean, aaaaaaaaaa-woooooooooooo! (He is a werewolf, after all!)

I have a long weekend ahead of me. I have to buckle down and get my taxes done. Yeah, yeah, I know, I only have a couple of weeks. It will get done!  And Sunday, I have to ring bells at church. The bell festival is a month away...
Tags: cross stitch, fangirl rants/squees
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