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Fun at church...

Some religious stuff ahead...

My pastor's sermons can be very good, but sometimes, he gives the choir opportunities for humor. Sunday was the last sermon in a series for Lent...and he began by talking about how he hates it when people ruin the endings of books or movies for him. I turned to the bell ringer next to me and said, "Rosebud's the SLED!" She just about died, she had such a hard time trying not to laugh.  I hope no one heard me...although someone in the next row said "Luke, I am your father!" Yes, we're all going to hell for laughing at our pastor.

Anyway, the meat of his sermon was "what we believe", specifically the Apostle's Creed. I'm amazed that there are so many Christians who really don't know the Creed. It's pretty sad. That is one of the things that unifies the church - "I believe in the holy catholic (meaning "universal") church". The service ended with the hymn "We are the Church".

The bell choirs sounded really good. My choir did one of our festival pieces, and the youth bells did a piece that was written in memory of the students who died at Columbine High School, and "other vicitms of senseless violence". The regular choir anthem was okay- we only got the music last week, but it was a piece we've done many times before.

My town finally got a Red Robin, so my family went there after church. The food was great, the service friendly and enthusiastic, and more than made up for the lousy service we got at Red Lobster two weeks ago. I did a little shopping after... and then there was an almost two hour bell practice. My sister is a slave driver sometimes. But I think we're going to be ready for the festival.
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