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Yes. It's another fangirl post.

Behind a cut. Hopefully this will be the last one for a while.
Thanks to qthewetsprocket , I have a new nickname for dear Bryan:

woobie n. org. meaning a child's security blanket (see: linus, peanuts), later adopted by fanfic writers to describe a certain type of character: namely, the cute/cuddly/vulernable one you just want to hug the stuffins out of, who usually ends up being put in danger and/or having the majority of the hurt/comfort heaped on them throughout the course of the story. 

Yes. It fits. I want to hug him and comfort him in almost everything he's done!

Also, she provided links to pictures from a play he was in called Bone. I have no idea what the play was about, or what he is doing here, but q's captions involved a naughty encounter with a houseplant. I added my own...

"Yes, yes, Yes! MORE!"

"Anybody got a fag?"

*le sigh* Okay, I'm done.

Tags: fangirl rants/squees
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