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The fangirl in me shall never die.

Just when I say no more picspams for a while, qthewetsprocket provides me with more pics to drool over. Squee!!!!

Behind the cut as always, so those who aren't interested can skip.  But I know I'm not the only girl out there who likes him...

First of all...a pic of Bryan Dick from the kid's show Earthfasts...filmed when he was 15/16. Wow. He hasn't changed that much...but damn he was pretty even then. He must have been a beautiful baby.

I keep saying that if I have kids, I only want girls, but if they look anything like this, boys will be just fine!

Three of Bryan from the movie Colour Me Kubrick, a film I haven't seen and probably won't. I don't like nearly-bald Bryan at all.

I don't know what John Malkovich is doing to him here. I don't want to know!

Hopefully this will be the end of the Bryan picture spams until Blood and Chocolate is out on DVD (unless I can get some Shameless caps). Then it will be Bryan as Rafe overload.  Squee. Squee. Squee. The silly teeanage girl in me lives on. And she keeps me happy!

House was pretty good last night. SVU kind of sucked. Looking forward to Lost tonight. It had better be good- I have a choir practice from hell tonight, and need something to look forward to! I can't believe that it's Palm Sunday this week...then Holy Week and Easter. There is so much music to learn. Fortunately,  Evil Choir Director™ is getting better at teaching it to us.

I just put the Dreamgirls and Wicked soundtracks on my MP3 player. Awesome. I loved Dreamgirls so much. My mom is going to try to get Wicked tickets (and possibly Spamalot, too!)  this summer for my birthday (we're going to take a theater trip to New York!)... I can't wait.
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