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Beware: Fangirl with pictures!

Behind the cut, of course!!

These are from a play Bryan Dick did in 2001 called Sliding With Suzanne. He played a teenager seduced by his foster mother. Ew, ew, ew. He was just out of drama school- about 23, but looking like the 16 year old he played.

punishyourma found the first one (thank you thank you!!). The other two came from a long dead M&C community.


I don't know who the actress is. But she's lucky.  

Damn, he is going to be cute his whole life.

Lost was good tonight. Answered some questions, brought many new ones, but the show seems to be coming together.

Crossing Jordan was pretty good, too...I'm enjoying it while I can. I think it's already been cancelled.

Off to babysit the evil creatures dogs and cat tomorrow until Sunday. Poor Henry was at the vet today. He has Lyme disease. So I have to give him his medicine. Lucky me! I need to take pics of the beasts. I don't have any. And poor Ike won't be around much longer.
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