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Man, I am TIRED. I had to get up at 5:30 this morning to get the dogs walked and fed so I had plenty of time to get to church. The handbell choir had to ring this morning, even though my sister is out of town. She passed her duties on to a young fellow named Brian, one of her former youth choir members! He's about to graduate from college with a degree in music education (I think) and plans to teach in the area. I really think Katie is grooming him to take over her job someday. It's possible to teach full time and work as a church choir director! He did a good job with us and the junior choir.

The dogs were very, very, good this weekend! No accidents, and only a few spots of insane barking. The cat was a little stand-offish this time which kind of bugged me. I had a lot of time to cross stitch. I nearly finished a project, and got a big start on the huge Royal Holiday picture!

It's actually very peaceful at my sister's house. Her property is large, so there's no one around. There's hardly any street lights, so I can see the stars very clearly. I wish I owned a telescope. There were perfect stargazing conditions on Friday night.

It's raining cats and dogs now. There were sheets of rain coming down when I got to church. Fortunately, it didn't start until I was finished with the dogs this morning.

My weekend still isn't over! My sister just got back, so we have an extra long practice tonight. The bell festival is next week!
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