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Oh, my God.

There's been a mass shooting at Virginia Tech. The latest on CNN says that there are 20 confirmed deaths with 17 more injured. The entire campus is in lockdown.

20?! How could that have happened? And why did the apparently dead gunman do it?

I'll post more when I know more.

The latest from yahoo. It gets worse by the minute. 22 dead now.


I have tears running down my face right now. I never believed there would be another mass school shooting like Columbine. This is even worse. And in my home state, no less. A lot of kids from my town go to VaTech. I hope no one I know was hurt. Please, please, pray for the victims and their families.

Edit- the death toll is now 25. Jesus.

Another edit. 32 confirmed dead. This is now the deadliest school shooting ever. It's worse than the Texas and Montreal shootings combined. God dammit.

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