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There's been record amounts of pollen this week. The sidewalk is totally yellow with the stuff. No wonder I've had sinus headaches. Yuck. This is the one thing I hate about spring. Pretty flowers bring on the allergies. My singing voice will go out the window.

It's supposed to rain tomorrow and Thursday. Maybe that will wash the pollen away. Of course, then I will have to deal with worms on the sidewalk. I do like to walk in a light spring rain...I just hate dodging the worms. 

The choir sang the Pie Jesu from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Requiem, in memory of the victims at Virginia Tech. There wasn't a dry eye in the congregation. I hadn't sung that in years. I'm usually part of the duet. I wasn't used to the chorus! I got through it fine, though. 

I read through my dad's Phi Mu Alpha alumni magazine the other day. A member from Colorado State who graduated the same year I did was listed in the "Final Chord"- in other words, he had died. I should know who he was. I feel really bad.  ΦΜΑ and ΔΟ brothers/sisters at my school were really close. We had some good times. I wonder why I don't remember this guy?


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