Judi (mollybarton) wrote,

Cute little meme and a choir rant.

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Always good for conversation!

Choir was hell last night. Not because of anything Evil Choir Director™ did, though. The church is undergoing major rebuilding, and the choir room is being used as a hallway now. So we have been banished to the sanctuary/choir loft for practice. Unfortunately, the church office decided to schedule a Girl Scout meeting in the sanctuary during our practice time! We're being asked to sacrifice our choir room, and they can't give us anything in return.  They were done early, so we got in, but practice started a half hour late. And my allergies were acting up, so I couldn't sing anyway. Just when I'm starting to really like choir again, this crap gets pulled. The building won't be finished until October. It can't come soon enough.

Tags: choir, meme
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