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*le sigh, again*

Today started out nice. I went to a brunch reception for library volunteers. I was invited at the last minute, sort of. I guess people still want me around at the library!  There was good food and a nice presentation. After that, I swung by the cross stitch shop to see if there was anything new. Nothing, thank goodness, but I just love going through the stacks of charts.

There was a pretty nasty thunderstorm this afternoon. It left me with a headache. So it might have been a good idea to skip choir. But noooo. I went anyway. I wish I hadn't. It was awful. The two most obnoxious members of the choir have returned. They are so disruptive, and one is such a bully that it sucks all the joy out of singing.  Thank God I'm not in her section. And Evil Choir Director™ gave us new music, and didn't play our parts right. We're going to have a hard time learning it all. The only bright spot of the night was his announcement that he's signed us up for some intense workshops...which may lead to a trip to England! As miserable as I've been, it will be worth it to stick around for that!. Heck, I'd be happy just going to a workshop in D.C.- anything to give our choir members some more confidence. There are some not-so-good singers in the choir, and they could use some better training.

Damn, I hate it when choir makes me feel bad. Lost had better be good tonight! And I think I'll go to Michaels tomorrow and buy some cardmaking/scrapbooking supplies. If I indulge in my hobbies a bit, I'll feel better.

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