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Thanks, sis!

Ugh. Last week I had a stomach bug, this week I have the cold from hell. I got it from my sister. I thought she was sick on Sunday, should have stayed away...I hate colds. I'm absolutely miserable. Maybe that's why I've felt off this week. Well, I discovered something that made me feel a little better- Gatorade slush! I left one in the freezer longer than I planned to, and it came out slushy and delicious.

Well, Crossing Jordan is over. Damn. At least the ending wasn't really a cliffhanger. ER's finale tonight was stupid. I think I'm tuning out next season.

Despite my recent mood, I managed to do some cross stitching tonight and last night. I'll have a small project to show off tomorrow!

My doctor suddenly quit. I've been assigned a new one, and I can't see him/her until May 30th. Dammit!