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One little project!

I may have been feeling like hell this week for various reasons, but I've forced myself to stitch a little. I guess what I needed was a quick project to start and finish in one week! This week, I combined cross stitching and card making: This came from a kit in a magazine.

It's going to be an anniversary card for my sister and her husband. The inside will say "Love is the sweetest thing." The anniversary is a month and a half away, but I just wanted to do it now. When I take a break from big projects to do little stuff, I feel better! Now I feel like I can face my big projects again.

I still feel a little bit off, though. Part of it is the cold, which is keeping me awake, but part of it is that "I don't care" feeling that I'm still trying to shake. Maybe I'll start doing some random movie reviews here and at my other blog.
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