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Feeling a bit better...

At least my sense of humor is returning! I'm still coughing quite a bit and have no appetite, though. Even Coke tastes awful.I hate colds. I got through the entire winter without a serious cold, and one month before summer, whammo! 

24's season finale wasn't that great. A weak end to a weak season. It started out great, but had too many improbable plot twists, even for 24! All I could say at the end was:

Exactly how I felt. Are we really supposed to think that Jack Bauer is gonna kill himself? (icon stolen from evil_twin at TrekBBS)

D'oh! The needlework show was last weekend. Dammit!

I'm going to four movies this weekend. I was too sick to go to the movies I wanted to for the last two weekends- so starting Thursday, I'm going to see one movie a night. Shrek the Third, Spider-man 3, Pirates 3, and The Namesake (which I'm amazed to see is playing in my town!). I need to re-read that book first!

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