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Well, that wasn't painless.

*whiny post ahead*

Well, my fillings are fixed. Good as new. My dentist was pretty rough with the needle, though, and the metal band/wedges used to surround the teeth hurt like hell. It took two hours for the numbness to wear off, so I couldn't eat lunch. I figured I'd eat after my doctor's appointment. No such luck! I was stuck in the waiting room for two hours! I was SO hungry by the time I was finally done with everything. The new doctor seems to be okay. My blood pressure was a little higher than usual, but I've lost eight pounds since my last appointment! That's a good start.

I'm just glad the day is over. I don't have to worry about any of that stuff (unless there's an emergency) for several months. My mouth still hurts, and my head hurts because of it, so I'm going to bed a little early tonight.
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