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Dog worries...

Something is seriously wrong with Ike. I'm going to have to take him to my sister's vet tomorrow. He's constantly pooping in the mudroom (despite being walked often), and he's having trouble walking. I think this could be it. I just hope I'm not the one who has to make the decision to put him down- a very real possibility because of his age and recent poor health. He may have to stay at the animal hospital. It's getting hard to take care of him and the other three pets, and I can't constantly be cleaning up after him. He's never been this bad before. I had to clean up three times today alone. I'm really upset. Poor doggy.

ETA- my sister called. He's had this before, and she has medicine for him. She told me to put him out in his doghouse, and to give him the meds in water with no food until tomorrow night. Hopefully he'll get over this overnight! Poor Ike. He's crying out there now.

Katie thinks it may soon be time to let him go. *cries*
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