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What a nightmare, part 2!

It's been one damn thing after another. Just half an hour after the power returned, a fire started in a tree about 200 feet from the house. This time the power was out until just 30 minutes ago! :eek:

The fire was scary. It shot up the tree. I called the fire department and they came right away...but they couldn't do anything because they had to wait for the power company to come. Suddenly, there was a loud POP, many sparks, and a huge branch fell on the power lines. For some reason, the fire then burned itself out. Dominon Power couldn't get here until about an hour and a half ago! The power was out again all day- for most of King George.

No one was hurt either time, but the dogs were scared. There are some really huge tree branches down. Just a few miles away, there were winds that almost hit hurricane levels. :eek:

I was able to take a quick nap (really, there was nothing else to do), so I feel better now. It just got so hot in the house.

I'm just glad this is over and that it wasn't worse!

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