April 22nd, 2007

Miss Kira

Ringy ding ding.

The bell festival in Hampton was great this year. Of course, after the disaster of last year's, any little improvement was welcome. This time, the customer service at the restaurants was better, and the whole event was planned properly.

The classes were easier to get to. I went to two of them- a reading of music (as if I wasn't ringing enough!) and a session about Middle Eastern drums. That was a blast. The instructor was a drummer and mallet maker, and had djimbé drums for everyone to play with. He taught us some rhythms, and we made a lot of noise! My sister bought two drums to use at her school.

The guest conductor was a bit of a hard-ass, and it was a little hard to follow his directions (that was largely because of the size of the room), but he made sure we all played our music right. We had six pieces that we've worked on all year, and one more was added at the last minute. The festival directors decided  to add the "Columbine" piece, "Make me an Instrument of thy Peace" in memory of the victims at Virginia Tech. Most of the choirs had never seen the music before...and yet it was the piece we played the best. There weren't very many dry eyes at the end of our concert. One of the choirs was from Blacksburg.  

There were about 50 choirs there. That's an amazing sound! One of our pieces sounded like an old fashioned music box. The theme this year was double choirs (two choirs playing two different parts), with one choir sometimes playing chimes instead of bells.

I had fun shopping, too. I got a shirt that reads "Eat. Sleep. Ring." It's so true sometimes! I met a member of my music fraternity, Delta Omicron, which was nice. Being a ΔΟ was one of the best parts of college for me! (It's a fraternity, not a sorority, because it's co-ed.)

I'm totally worn out. My choir gets a little break now. A good thing, because I thought my arms were going to fall off last night!

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