June 15th, 2007

kitten rory

A fangirl moment to go along with yesterday's review...

Short, so not behind a cut. I have given a name to a frequently used evil look from a certain wee British actor. 

This is the look:

I call it the Bryan Dick Death Glare™. This cap was from Blackpool (once again borrowed from q), and it is a prime example of said Death Glare™. He uses it frequently in Blood and Chocolate. And DAMN it is sexy. Aaaaa-woooooo!

kitten rory

To the f-list...

Yes, I know my last three posts have been silly fangirl stuff. Don't worry, I have more substantial stuff to post later. I just wanted to get it out of my system.
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kitten rory

The first ever...

KM is druuuunnnnkkk entry!

Oh, yes. Vodka and limoncello and lemonade. A huge amount. no idea how i'm typing so well.

B&C was more fun this way. Bryan still teh prettttty. Yah. Wheeeeee!

Gona regret tomoorrow....*is ded*
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