October 25th, 2007

Miss Kira

For the "record"...

Well, the first recording session didn't go as badly as I thought it would. We managed to do six of our pieces, and they sounded good! Tonight may be a different story- we're recording with the Praise Team, and their leader is in charge. Oh, joy. He can be as evil as Evil Choir Director™. Plus, I really dislike most of the Praise Team's music- it's a lot of noise. But it's only two songs that we're doing, and I like them both.

Evil Choir Director™ really needs to think about the things he says. He got a lot of amused looks and snarky laughter when discussing cell phones at the sessions. "Be sure to turn on your vibrators!" That got a lot of snickers. Yes, we're twelve. Obviously, he meant to say, "Turn your cell phones to vibrate".

I like most of the stuff we've done. My favorite is probably "Down to the River to Pray". We're doing mostly new music, except for a couple of organ pieces. The bells have two pieces that will be recorded on Sunday.

It rained all night! I think we got two inches. And it was still raining this morning. I hope this keeps up through the weekend.

I'm going to a Halloween party next Wednesday, so I actually had to get a costume! I just picked up a pair of fairy wings, and I'll wear them over a nice black dress.