September 6th, 2008

kitten rory

Hanna is here.

It's worse than it looks. It's pouring out, and the wind is whipping up the leaves, and twisting flags around their poles.

Yuck. I hope it slows down a bit. The Carolinas have gotten a pounding. Virginia Beach has some big waves!

The latest radar:

We're under a tornado watch right now. *meep* I'm in the middle of one of those little red blobs.

I'm keeping the cats locked up today!

kitten rory

This is scary...

Update- I'm watching a tree outside my computer room right now. The trunk is swaying terribly, and the branches are hitting the window. Not good.

That tree is going back and forth, side to side!
kitten rory

Not bad.

The rain stopped about 20 minutes ago, and the sun is coming out. Still a bit breezy, a few little twigs and leaves on the ground. And the electricity didn't even go out once! As tropical storms go, Hanna wasn't so bad. For this area, anyway. It was deadly in Haiti, so I think we'll have one storm name retired this year.

Ike is a Category 4 hurricane again...look out Florida. :( Warnings in Cuba and the Bahamas now.

KM, soaking wet but happy.