March 15th, 2009

kitten rory

Craptacular Sunday...

And it's not over yet! Church was pretty awful. Oh, our music sounded all right (despite the presence of Baritone Who Can't Sing™). But the director made last minute changes that had everyone scrambling for their folders, only to find that most of us didn't have the music needed. And of course, Choir Librarian became a Supreme Bitch about it, yelling that everyone had been given the music (I sure as hell hadn't), and pretty much bullied everyone who said differently. She yelled at me in particular. I'm really sick of that bitter old cow. I felt like crying, but I'm not going to let her get to me any more.

Bell practice is next. Our festival is now less than two weeks away. Bad Ringer™ isn't going, of course, but she's technically still a member of the choir, and I just hope she's not planning to show up these next two weeks, at least. After the crap that happened this morning, all I need is to get frustrated at bell practice.

Also, I feel like crap, but I'm saving that for another, locked, possibly TMI entry.
kitten rory

Oh noes...

Bad Ringer™ was there tonight. I need a drink. *sighs*

I did my best, but she still threw me sister thought practice was great tonight, though. We are ready for the festival, anyway, and the piece we're doing for the week after Easter Sunday is good- it's so easy, even Bad Ringer™ can't mess it up. To be fair, she does fine on the easier pieces. Unfortunately, there are only two of those...
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