July 7th, 2009

kitten rory

The Michael Jackson memorial...

Yes, I admit I watched some of it, at least it was on in the background as I was working. Paris Jackson just broke my heart. :( Weird as MJ got, his kids sure did seem to adore him.

I just loved Brooke Shields' tribute. She used one of my favorite quotes of all time, from The Little Prince, a bit paraphrased. The original quote (well, translated): "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye." Somehow it was perfect.

Now I hope the man can rest in peace, and the rest of us can watch the news without countless updates! ("In the news, Michael Jackson is still dead!") There is so much important stuff going on in the world.

In other news: Senator Al Franken. I love it! He was finally sworn in today.

And Rachel Maddow was finally back tonight! She's probably kicking herself for taking a vacation last week!