September 11th, 2010

kitten rory

Never forget.

There are some people telling us to "get over it". But this former New Yorker and current D.C.-area resident still gets a bit teary-eyed on this day. The images of the Towers collapsing, the huge gap in the Pentagon, and the smoking pit that was once United Flight 93, will never and should never be forgotten. Nor should those who died, or the brief time where all Americans were united.

I'm not spending this day in mourning or dwelling on the events. I'm just taking a brief moment to remember and then move on.

The Internet Archive has the news coverage for almost the entire day and two days after for the major U.S. networks and the BBC here:

It's interesting to see how banal the news was that morning before the first attack. I remember the top story on the Today Show was Michael Jordan's return to basketball!
kitten rory

Etsy is almost as dangerous as ebay...

I just ordered 100 Scrabble tiles. I only need a few specific letters (which were included in the lot), but the rest will make great little charms! I can't wait for the order to arrive.

Crafting is so much fun. I wish I could make a full time career of it. :( Any jewelry I sell only brings in the cost of materials, if that. If my stuff gets really good, I'll put it on Etsy eventually...