May 20th, 2011

kitten rory

Finally made it.

The journey today was HELL. Dad filled his Prius up with what turned out to be watery gas. The car broke down in the Middle of Nowhere, Alabama. (Normally, I'd say Bumfuck, Alabama, but the people were nice.) Luckily, we were right at an exit with a gas station just off of it. Took a couple of hours, but we were towed to a Toyota dealer, and found out about the bad gas and the damage done. The poor car had to stay in Mobile until the parts come in. We had to rent a car, drive it to the New Orleans airport, then get a cab to the hotel. And then the hotel had trouble confirming our reservations! *insert screaming smilie here* But we're in New Orleans, my room has a nice view of downtown, and the next two days will be spent sight-seeing. I'm not entirely sure what I'll be doing during most of the Rotary convention, but I'll have fun. Right now I'm tired and going to bed.

Three more states to cross off my "never been to" list- Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.
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