November 4th, 2011

kitten rory


Had my flu shot Wednesday. My arm still hurts, and I was a bit feverish and achy most of yesterday. And with my luck, I'll still end up getting another strain of flu!:p

I baked 15 dozen cookies for the church bazaar this weekend. The ladies in charge of the bake sale were all smiles when they saw me coming with a big box of bagged cookies! My reputation as one of the church's best bakers is intact. ;)

And speaking of baking, I got the 2011 Southern Living Annual and Christmas With Southern Living books on the same day. And then I picked up the Christmas 2011 Gooseberry Patch book at Michaels today. I am getting so many good ideas for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Chocolate Pecan Chess Pie? Oh, Lordy. And right on the cover of Southern Living, a beautiful chocolate velvet cake that I'm just going to have to try. NOM NOM NOM.

Choir was hell on Wednesday, and not because of my flu shot. Well, it would have been fine...if the damned Praise Team hadn't left their doors open and played everything EXTREMELY LOUD. It was horrible. My dad actually went to their practice room and asked them to close the doors (they did).

The good part about choir- we got a lot done, and we're making progress on the Christmas Carol Service. I'm going to be singing in a quartet and might get a solo or duet, too. Go me!