July 4th, 2012

kitten rory

Power is back.

Finally. Now I have to go back and forth from Katie's to home to clean up the fridge. Yuck. But thank you, Dominion Power, for getting to my neighborhood...
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i love arrows

More Avengers cross stitch!

By XStitchMyHeart at etsy:

This one is more detailed than the one I'm working on...


I may have to do this one for Crusher Disciple...

I just ordered them. I'm almost halfway through the first Avengers chart (I put Star Wars away for a while), so I should get to these soon.

And this is one I really want, by anideaforamoth at tumblr- but I don't know if she's going to sell the chart or not.


If I had the right software, I could design it for myself.