January 16th, 2013

kitten rory

Renner baby!

Awesome. Apparently, Jeremy's ex is pregnant and due soon. She's been living at his house but they're not a couple anymore at all. Amazing that he's been able to keep it quiet! Hope he's going to be a good daddy.

Sorry, Rennerson fans. It ain't Scarlett.

ETA- this story is starting to sound questionable. The "anonymous" source overheard something Jeremy said to Eva Langoria at the Golden Globes, and it was only snippets of what he said. For all we know, he was talking about one of his sisters! No reputable news source has said anything about this. And until Jeremy says something himself, I'm taking this news with a grain of salt. Kind of odd that he could keep an ex girlfriend (pregnant no less!) in his guest house and NO paparazzi picked up on it? I know he's a private guy, but something that big surely would get out!