January 18th, 2013

kitten rory

I can go to bed happy.

Jeremy was hot as hell on Letterman, though the interview was a bit boring.

I got to see two of my "babies" tonight- Jeremy and Bryan. What would happen to me if they ever did a movie together? I would probably squee to death. But since Bryan is so unknown in America, this won't ever happen.
kitten rory


The tabloids got it wrong. Jeremy's stepmother is expecting. At the end of this interview, he mentions that the siblings "keep on coming, another one very soon". So his baby brother Theo will have a playmate. Papa's still making it happen, indeed. Well, congrats to Papa and StepMama Renner! Now Jeremy is the eldest of seven!


I can't imagine being 42 and having two siblings in diapers...but Jeremy LOVES children so he's probably thrilled.
kitten rory

Ah, I get it now.

That odd Tweet Bryan Dick made a few months ago- "Shot for the sixth time in my career, first time by SWAT." That was part 2 of his Silent Witness episode. And no, he wasn't the bad guy (he was being coerced into helping the real bad guys)...but he still died. :( Yup, shot by the London equivalent of SWAT. Oh, poor woobie. Why can't writers ever let you live? :p

Poor desperate geek!Bryan.


I wonder what's next for him. Borealis is most certainly not going to be picked up. :(