March 25th, 2013

kitten rory

Cannot believe this movie is 20 years old!

The Joy Luck Club. I was a senior in college, and Mom and Dad had an exchange student from France living with them, Cecile. One way she improved her English skills was going to American movies...and this was one of them. Mom, Cecile, and I saw it when I was home on a break. We cried all the way through it. It was almost hilarious! We went to a lot of movies with her during her year in Colorado. But Joy Luck Club was our favorite of the bunch.

Cecile is now an American citizen, divorced with two little boys, living in San Diego where she runs a preschool that emphasizes learning French! She and my mom talk a lot on Facebook...she's still hoping to come visit us. She stayed with three different families as a student, and we were the one she was closest to. She was my French "little sister"! She only met Katie once, after my college graduation. She drew a wonderful picture of Sam based on one of his baby photos, and it still hangs on my parents' wall.