March 30th, 2013

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Finally fell asleep at 4 a.m., had a hot shower. Feel physically better, but still have some up and down feelings. Hopefully I can get this sorted out with the doctor.

Had to skip the choir breakfast/rehearsal. The director will have to get over it. The last thing my mental health needs is a bitchy director yelling every time something goes wrong.

Sorry if I scared anyone last night. Luckily my parents were around, and I was able to talk to my sister via Facebook chat. Immediate crisis is over, now it's on to the doctor for a better fix.

The Show Must Go On.

Depressive episode or no depressive episode, I have to get stuff ready for Easter. Family is going out to eat, but we're having dessert at the house. I made a cake:

 photo eastercake_zpsccb047eb.jpg

I had fun splattering the cake and eggs with cocoa "paint".

Avengers Easter Egg Hunt:

 photo avengersegghunt1_zps345a633e.jpg

Clint and Tasha are having no luck. They just missed one. Cap will get it first.

 photo avengersegghunt2_zps87940423.jpg

Hulk and Iron Man found some!

 photo avengersegghunt3_zps1177491c.jpg

This will probably be it for Clintasha episodes for a while until I start feeling better. Brain is doing weird things still. Hopefully I'll pull something together for Cinco de Mayo.

Please don't spoil Doctor Who for me, folks. I'm going to wait to see it for a few days.

I was very much missed at choir practice this morning. That makes me feel slightly better. But I was in no shape to sing- lack of sleep and a night of crying drained my voice. I'll be much better for the choir tomorrow.

Happy Easter for those who celebrate! (and Happy Passover for any Jewish friends, but that's over, isn't it?)