March 31st, 2013


Happy Easter!

 Tee hee.
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Choir did a great job, had a nice family (plus choir director and Sam's girlfriend) dinner at Bravo! and then dessert at Mom and Dad's. Everyone loved my cake.

Still feeling very tired and a bit down, but things will be okay, I hope. Going to the doc on Tuesday, spending Easter Monday shopping with Mom and Katie at Potomac Mills, and then I'm dog sitting the rest of the week.
kitten rory

Back to Bryan!

Haven't had much to squee over about Bryan Dick for a while (aside from the T.V. stuff in February), but finally, there is a decent photo of him from The Numbers Station:

 photo numbersstation_zps4d82eadf.jpg

He looks good in a suit. The movie was shown on Direct TV on March 28, but I haven't heard any reaction about it. It will be in theaters on April 26.

No idea what kind of television or movie work he has coming up, but he's in rehearsal now for Public Enemy (an adaptation of the Ibsen play Enemy of the People) at the Young Vic in London. I would so love it if Bryan ever came to do a play in New York or D.C.- I would go see him for sure!

Sorry, Jeremy Renner. Bryan will always be my favorite squee-able actor. You don't have the accent. :p