July 18th, 2013

kitten rory

Framed pieces!

I finished up two of my cross stitch designs with cheap frames that I stained with ink.

 photo candyframe_zps4c1dffe5.jpg

 photo arrowframe_zps4a97b80b.jpg

Had fun at Michaels today. They had several of their Art-i-cake and Industrial Chic items on clearance, so I picked some up.

I needed that. I've had a crappy day. First, I went to the dentist...everything was okay, except for one cavity that's going to be a bitch to take care of. I have to have a gingivectomy- part of my gum has to be cut with a laser before the cavity can be drilled and filled. Oh, lovely. Then, I found out I can't see my doctor for another two weeks...and I'm running out of meds. They're going to send a one-month prescription to tide me over, but I've never had to wait so long for my doctor! I'm surprised they didn't give me an appointment with the assistant, who can write prescriptions, That's better than waiting an extra two weeks! Arrrghhhh!

To top off my sucky day, I was stung by a wasp tonight. Ugh. Luckily, I had baking soda on hand, which quickly neutralized the venom. So I have a little bump on my palm, but it doesn't hurt.

And the heat is awful...but everyone's dealing with that so I won't whine. It's going to cool down a bit this weekend...good, because I'm going to the Nats/Dodgers game Saturday night!