July 30th, 2013

kitten rory

Goodies in the mail...

No birthday cards yet, but I did get a package today! Forgot that I ordered Hawkeye: Little Hits!

 photo lilhits1_zpse9fa8ac6.jpg

Clint is delighted...but Tasha is in for a surprise. "Work Wife? What the hell does that mean? Who the hell is Bobbi? Who the hell is Jessica???" Comic canon and action figure "life" collide!

 photo lilhits2_zps3e316674.jpg

Speaking of birthdays, I had to wait until last Sunday to give Paul his birthday cake. I found the recipe on Tumblr, and it was called "THAT Chocolate Cake". Naturally, I had to make it for Paul, the chocoloholic of the family!

 photo paulscake_zps7cae5a67.jpg

Friday night, Mom is taking me to see Les Miz at the Riverside. I still can't believe the got the rights to do it....and just in time, as the show is going back to Broadway next year.
kitten rory

Is it Christmas yet?

No? Phooey. Stills from American Hustle are popping up online. The cast is pretty much unrecognizable! Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Christian Bale, and Jennifer Lawrence, all dressed up in 70's outfits with the hair and make up to match! I swear, Jennifer looks like my Darci doll...

 photo tumblr_mqrhidsL5z1rrzf6ao1_r1_1280_zpse384c130.jpg

Is that "The Hustle" I'm hearing in the background? :p http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wj23_nDFSfE I'm getting flashbacks, and I was a little kid back then! The movie better have a soundtrack to match the clothes and hair!