January 24th, 2014

i love arrows

A tiny piece of family history...

While helping Mom clean out her basement, we found her old suitcase that she had in high school. She used it for a long time, and it even went with Katie to college. It was too busted up for me to use. No idea why she's kept it all these years...but the tags for Eastern and TWA make me feel a little sad! How long has this thing been wasting away? The last time it was used, Eastern was actually still in business. :(

Yes, I have a lot of baggage. :p
 photo oldluggage1_zpse4de61f1.jpg

*cries* I miss them both.
 photo oldluggage2_zpsc5e06f6e.jpg

ETA: Found another piece of luggage- this time it was definitely Katie's! And again, it had an Eastern Airlines sticker. :p