March 28th, 2014

i love arrows

Clint has a new friend...

Sad Hawkeye has been made into a doll!

 photo sadclintdoll2_zps486b9511.jpg

Also, Clint has a new rival. I've ordered several Excalibur comic book collections, and one came today. Clint is furious with me. "Don't you remember my commandment? Thou shalt not read other comics than Hawkeye!" Sorry, Clint. Pete Wisdom and Captain Britain (called Britannic in this collection) were calling to me. And Pete says, "Sod off, ya circus freak!"

 photo jealousclint_zps184f2b7d.jpg

I'd love to see those two interact in a future comic. Hawkeye's work with Captain Britain in Secret Avengers was amusing to say the least. (Hawkeye: "I hate you, Captain Britain! Because of you, I hate everything about Britain. Tea, The Smiths, the Queen..." Cap: "Let's leave The Smiths out of this.")

Also, the first photos from the filming of Avengers: Age of Ultron are leaking...Hawkeye has a new outfit. It's like a modern version of Hawkeye's old uniform...just not bright purple and no mask.

 photo newhawkcostume_zps3b8e3848.jpg

The downside is it covers up Jeremy Renner's awesome arms.
i love arrows

Clint is shocked! Shocked!

He does not appreciate me reading the more "adult" Marvel MAX comics...and especially not one that has Pete Wisdom having sex with a fairy:

 photo shockedclint_zpsd1c6f703.jpg

"You'd never see me doing that stuff in my comics! 'Mom', I'm surprised at you!"

Um, Clint? Remember this?

 photo hawkbutt_zpsda46cabd.jpg

Clint: "...oh." *slinks off in embarrassment*