December 28th, 2014

knight lights


Another missing plane in Indonesia. ATC lost contact with an Air Asia A320 with 162 on board. Hopefully they'll find this one. It's been more than five hours since contact was lost, so it looks bad. :(

2014 is reminding me of 1985 in terms of bad plane crashes. I remember 1985 well- the Air India bombing, the Galaxy crash in Reno that had one survivor, Japan Airlines 123 (still the worst ever single crash), Arrow Air in Canada, the Manchester fire on the runway, and Delta 191, which happened on my birthday. And those were just some- there were many more that year, with a final death toll of 2331. Only 1972 had more fatalities. Of course, even with today's likely fatal incident, it's still only about half of either of those years, if that.
knight lights

Thank God it's over...

...for the Redskins. They got their asses kicked by the Cowboys today, in their final game of the season. 4-11. What a joke. They just can't get their crap together.

Broncos, on the other hand, are headed to the playoffs. Yay.

CSU lost their bowl game. They were trounced by Utah. I knew that would happen. But hey, bowl game! And a 10-3 record for the year! Bad news is, their coach took another job. Grrrrrr. Hope his replacement is even better.