October 29th, 2015

sick black knight


Whittingham's did a Halloween window display this year.

Awesome. And freaky. I can't wait to see what they have planned for Christmas. Downtown Fredericksburg has its open house on November 14 and 15, so all the Christmas stuff should be up!

World Series- so far the Mets are being murdered by the Royals. 2 games to zip. I'm sad. What happened, Mets? :( Game 1 went to 14 innings in five hours, the longest Series Game 1 ever. I think both teams got tired.
sick black knight

How did I miss this?

Last year, McDonald's had Happy Meals with tiny versions of American Girl Isabelle. There were four mini dolls (half the size of mini Isabelle) and a couple of paper dolls. I had to rush to ebay to look for them, and found a complete set. Yay for ebay! They were cheap, too. So my mini Isabelle will have minions. :p

Aren't they adorable?

My order contains two of the doll with the hat. So I'll have five dolls. Five identical blondes. Instead of Isabelle 1, Isabelle 2, etc., I'm going to name them after the Stepford Cuckoos from the X-Men (the cloned "daughters" of Emma Frost): Celeste, Esme, Irma/Mindee, Phoebe, and Sophie. :p Yeah, I know Esme and Sophie are dead in the comics. I just think it's funny to have five identical blonde dolls. What else could a comic book fan name them?

Too bad they didn't do this for Grace. She could use some helpers in her bakery!