February 1st, 2016

sick black knight

It's official.

Black Knight is cancelled after #5. At least the story arc will be finished. I hope he pops up in an Avengers title sometime soon. It really sucks. I was enjoying the story.
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sick black knight

Another little room.

I wasn't planning to buy another terrarium, but Michaels had a sale. And this one is cute and needs no alterations!

My first thought was "this would be a cute garden potting shed".

And it's cute but a bit cluttered. So I built a little swing!

I'm going to add flowering vines to the ropes. Actually, I may have to re-do the seat- it's hard to keep the doll on it. But it's adorable! And putting it together was cheap. No more than $20- with the sale and coupon, the terrarium was $18, and the supplies I had on hand would have been about $2!

Also, while I was looking for parts for the swing, I found some of my old dollhouse furniture! It's perfect for mini Rebecca. Big Rebecca's old collection had a similar sofa (not blue, though). I'll have to get a little menorah for the table. This is definitely going to be Rebecca's set!